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Beautify your eye area

By Dr. Julia Gotlib We can achieve optimum results by combining eyelid surgery and filler injections. Eyelid surgery is the most common facial cosmetic surgery procedure carried out in France and worldwide. We tend to think that, once surgery has been performed, whether on the upper or lower lids, the […]

Treating skin aging

By Doctor Isabelle Gallay Among the Rejuvenation-Remodelling techniques available today, we might cite peels, flash lamps, certain radiofrequencies, and lasers. There is now a personal assistant to perform the latter, in the shape of the Blue Derma mini laser device. Patients often seek the advice of a specialist cosmetic doctor […]

Dermastir Tsunami

TSUNAMI – Deep Cleanser. Alta Care Laboratoires have created a new generation deep cleanser with Dermastir Tsunami – Deep Cleanser. This innovative product is peroxide-free, it is very gentle to the skin and is enriched with hyaluronic acid that hydrates the derma and reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). The […]

Detox, de-stress & glow

Take your self-care ritual to the next level with Detox. The research is clear: Pollutants, debris, free-radicals and blue light can damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging. To ensure your skin functions optimally and looks ageless, Hydropeptide has developed its new Detox […]

The Sainte Victoire Clinic Aix en Provence

At the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine and surgery The Sainte Victoire clinic has undergone a revamp over the last few months, with a new look and new equipment to keep it at the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine and surgery. With a central location in the Bouches du Rhône, […]

Thermes marins Saint Malo (France)

Sea & Balance Relax and recharge your batteries The new Sea & Balance package showcases the establishment’s expertise. Thalassotherapy drains, softens and boosts the body’s mineral levels. Exercise prevents aging and strengthens. Nutrition teaches good dietary habits. The package comprises 17 thalassotherapy treatments and 6 signature protocols. It includes a […]