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Treating vulvovaginal dryness post-cancer

By Dr. Barbara Hersant The effectiveness of injections of platelet concentrates combined with hyaluronic acid (Cellular Matrix®) in treating vulvovaginal dryness in patients who have had breast cancer. Forty-five to 57% of menopausal women suffer from discomfort due to vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) which is still sometimes called “the genitourinary syndrome of […]

Face lifts: improving the cervicomental angle

By Dr. Jean-Paul Meningaud How to avoid any mistakes for a successful lift! Many face lifts do not last over the long term. Since their results fade over time, some specialists either refrain from suggesting them or tighten the skin too much, creating a rather unsightly “pulled-back” look. However, it […]

Medical penoplasty

By Dr. Stephane Auroy Medical penoplasty using hyaluronic acid is a non-invasive medical technique that quickly and easily increases the circumference of the penis. Anti Age Magazine: More and more men are prepared to undergo medical treatment to increase the size of their penis. How do you respond to this […]

Clinic Niforos Medispa

Combining non-invasive and surgical procedures The Medispa de Lyon, with the neighbouring Niforos Clinic, was the first establishment in France to offer a comprehensive range of treatments that combine nutrition, cosmeceuticals, non-invasive procedures and cosmetic surgery. This type of centre – though common in the United States, Asia and even […]

Face Clinic, Gevena

A surgical approach with precision! Both aesthetic medicine and surgery are evolving at a rate of knots thanks to the introduction of digital tools. The Face Clinic Geneva is proof of this, offering 3D simulations to allow patients to visualise the results of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. A very rare offering […]