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The Fairmont and his new spa “The Carole Joy Spa” (Monaco)

A heavyweight in the Principality Monaco boasts a number of wellness offers, and each establishment needs to offer something different if they are to stand out from the rest. The Fairmont’s new “Carole Joy Spa” has done just that, offering original and cutting-edge treatments in a sublime space on the […]

La Réserve, Geneva (Switzerland)

Comprehensive care La Réserve, with its stunning views of Lake Geneva, offers an extensive range of services. In addition to the topclass accommodation and catering, it was the establishment’s dietary, sport, mental health and, of course, anti-aging care that truly won us over. As suggested by its name, La Réserve […]

Inner beauty

By Doctor Isabelle Meurgey An increasing number of younger patients are complaining of a lack of energy and functional issues, and the cause is often multiple deficiencies. Tailored nutritional supplements can rebalance and maintain your good health for the long term.   Today, micro-nutritional supplements are essential for optimum health. […]

Phytomer Spa Etoile (Paris)

The benefits of the sea in the city centre Step off the Champs-Elysées and enjoy the benefits of the sea in this new, 250 m. spa. It boasts 9 premium treatment booths equipped with top-of-the-range equipment, including a full-body cryotherapy unit, an infrared Japanese sauna, a hair salon and a […]

Aging: friend or foe?

Interview with Doctor Peter Edde The way we evolve and age is determined by our genetic code and environment. The more we know scientifically about our genes the more we understand that our lifestyle actually affects which ones are turned on or off. This determines how we age.   Dr […]

Origin, an innovation in anti-ageing and skin treatments

By Doctor Andrea Vincentelli These days, patients are asking for more and more gentle, no-downtime and quick treatments that they can schedule between two business meetings but as effective as heavier treatments. The 100% French ORIGIN laser now available in our clinics will, without a doubt, fulfil their needs! It […]