By the Doctor Nicola Zerbinati

Providing a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging , #Nlift demonstrates proven amplified results, in just 2 sessions, only 7 days apart. Thanks to NEAUVIA’s specifically designed products – filler injections, medical devices and cosmeceuticals – the range of treatments delivers synergistic outcomes.

Introduced for the first time last year, during the International Medical Congress of Aesthetics and Surgery (IMCAS), NEAUVIA’s holistic approach continues to provide a revo- lution. #Nlift, dedicated to the treatment of the mid-face area,–is convincing more and more women and men around the world of its benefits. In parallel, NEAUVIA is publishing new results and already announcing new holistic protocols.

Interview with Professor Nicola Zerbinati, Scientific Director at NEAUVIA.

Professor Zerbinati, can you briefly remind us what does the Neauvia Holistic Approach consist of ?

From the beginning, NEAUVIA aims to empower people to take control of the aging process proactively, holistically & effectively. It goes well beyond the “classical” single treatment approach.
The aging process is a very complex one, and it involves all the anatomical components and layers of the skin. To address it in the most effective way, you thus must combine technologies, finding the right combination of actions, of signals, and the right balance between skin “injury” and regeneration triggering.

By applying the knowledge we have developed over the years on our in-house fillers, energy-based devices and cosmeceuticals, our researchers thus conducted studies on the synergistic action of specific combined treatments, with the objective to obtain and maintain results that are more impressive than a single therapy can deliver on its own.

How does #Nlift mid-face protocol work?

Firstly, the #Nlift protocol is a medical aesthetic protocol and can be only performed by a doctor.
It comprises 2 sessions only – 1 week apart. During the first session, the skin is first prepared with aesthetic cosmeceuticals, then a deep hydration treatment is performed with NEAUVIA Hydro–Deluxe superficial injections. At the end of the session, the skin is both soothed and stimulated by the application of a dedicated sterile cosmeceutical mask.

One week after, the skin is optimally prepared to undergo the second part of the treatment; the doctor injects NEAUVIA specific PEGylated Hyaluronic Acid fillers regarding the specific needs of the patient. Immediately after comes the Zaffiro non-invasive treatment, combining gentle peeling and active ingredients skin infusion with InfraRed light, to trigger an immediate tightening effect and collagen production.

The patient then receives the NEAUVIA aesthetics cosmeceutical products she/he uses every day to enhance the results of the whole protocol.

You will soon share new results on #Nlift 5 months after the treatment. Why is it important?

Our goal is a long term one, that’s why it makes sense for us to assess the results of our holistic protocols in time. For #Nlift, the results are already amazing after 21 days: +45% in skin hydration, +60% in terms of skin elasticity and +101% in terms of quantity of fibroblasts*! In only 21 days, you double the number of the skin’s active cells that are responsible for producing skin components, and thus ensure both skin volume and firmness; we are not only correcting aging signs by replacing temporary skin components (Hyaluronic Acid), but we are also reactivating skin processes. And the results are even better after 150 days. On average skin hydration increased by 49% and elasticity by 72%*.
As you can see, the protocol is simple, it takes only 8 days and the results are comprehensive and amazing.

Moreover, what is important to say is that we also measured the inflammatory response, and we have seen that during this protocol it is absolutely controlled, #Nlift is thus both effective and safe for the patient.

You are also publishing an article in life about the action of NEAUVIA C-shot serum, one of the aesthetic cosmeceuticals you designed to complement the #Nlift protocol on a daily basis**. Can topical products be a game changer in an aesthetic treatment?

Yes, absolutely. At Neauvia, every aesthetic cosmeceutical is designed by doctors for doctors to complement the holistic protocols, and we investigated it!

After an aesthetic treatment, cosmeceuticals are particularly important to help restore the skins balance faster, and support the overall regeneration process.
In the case of C-shot, we designed a highly concentrated Vitamin C serum, using a specific stable form of Vitamin C, 3-O-ethyl-l- ascorbic acid, in conjunction with lactic acid.

The results are spectacular: C-shot serum demonstrates both high safety and efficacy:
• It significantly increases collagen production – more than 10 times** – adding in this way to the #Nlift synergy;
• It prevents UVB- induced DNA damage**.
In my opinion, using an advanced and personalised daily skincare routine can definitely be a game-changer, both in the way your skin looks from the surface – smooth, balanced, even – but also in a more global and long-term anti-ageing goal! And #Nlift proves this!

NEAUVIA is developing new holistic protocols, is it too early to talk about these?

[laughs] You know, we are developing a lot of new projects, each more interesting than the last!
Of course, new holistic protocols will be launched soon.
I can already talk to you about the second one we recently launched internationally: it’s a protocol named #Nrose, dedicated to female intimate area rejuvenation.
85% of women don’t talk about their intimate problems. *** It’s huge!
The #Nrose holistic protocol aims to support both doctors and women to open the discussion, proposing in 4 sessions and 12 days only, a simple and synergistic sequence of treatments, delivering excellent results in terms of intimate area rejuvenation. Women need to know that simple solutions exist!


*Nicola Zerbinati, Hassan Ibrahim Galadari, Pawel Kubik, Sergey Ivanov – Neauvia Symposium – Holistic approach in treating mid-face. Neauvia Smart Combination Therapy (SCT) – IMCAS Paris 2020.
** The Anti-Ageing and Whitening Potential of a Cosmetic Serum Containing 3-O-ethyl-L-ascorbic Acid; Nicola Zerbinati, Sabrina Sommatis, Cristina Maccario, Serena Di Francesco, Maria Chiara Capillo, Raffaele Rauso, Martha Herrera, Pier Luca Bencini and Roberto Mocchi,.
*** Results based on a survey conducted by NEAUVIA in 2015.
**** Study conducted by Dr Piotr Kolczewski – Kolmed Medical Center in Szczecin (Poland) – Ethics committee approval.

By Dr. Zerbinati
He works as a dermatologist in his private practices “CMP”, and since 2000 has been teaching as a Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Insubria, Varese (Italy).
He is an active member of the Italian Society of Dermatology and has been President of the Federation of Aesthetic Medicine (Italy) since 2017.

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