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PORTRAIT Dr Philippe Kestemont

From Padawan to Jedi Knight! Aesthetics surgery came very early in my life. My thesis subject: face lifts! Captivated from an early age As soon as I started my clinical training, I was drawn to aesthetic surgery. I saw my seniors, who practised maxillo-facial surgery (face and neck, or ENT), […]

Meeting with Andreas Meyer, 4th Generation Merz

A pioneering spirit and the determination to remain independent are timeless values that continue to guide the family Interview by Annabel MacGowan Founded over 115 years ago by a visionary pharmacist, Merz is still run today by the members of this unique and discreet family who demonstrate a cohesive, down-to-earth […]

Interview with Professor Jean-Paul Meningaud

From practice to expertise. Seasoned practitioner, prolific author and standard-bearer of anti-aging. Interview by Thierry Piolatto ANTI-AGE Magazine: Do you have a guru? Professor Jean-Paul Meningaud: I’ve been looking for a guru for a long time! It’s really useful to have someone to emulate but, unfortunately, I’ve not found anyone […]

An eye for aesthetics

Though photography and aesthetic medicine have very different approaches, they both have the same objective. Interview by Chloé des Lysses. For as long as they can remember, Sandrine Gluck’s friends (myself included) have always known about her passion for photography, her hawk-like eye and her long legs, which resemble the […]


“Madam, if you want to avoid developing any new wrinkles and put off having injections, you’d better limit your facial expressions.” Such was my dermatologist’s diagnosis. As you approach age 50, you need to preserve your face by avoiding any kind of surprise, laugh-ter or emotion. You might as well […]