Aesthetic Medicine

A new therapeutic approach to treat aging of the face during menopause

The menopause is a period when significant changes occur in the skin due to hormonal fluctuations, which can lead to a loss of hydration, firmness, volume and luminosity. The “PATH” (Profundity, Action, Time, Homecare) therapeutic philosophy combines peels, mesotherapy, fillers and homecare cosmeceuticals to treat the facial aging of the […]

Eye surgery: the finest of the gesture!

Dr Véronique Emmenegger Sophisticated eyelid surgery is specifically adapted to each ethnic type and each face. We do not perform the same eyelid surgery on Caucasian and Asian patients. It is a question of preserving the charm of the eyes and respecting the integrity of the patient. The specialist surgeon […]

Cross-treatment plan: The importance of a comprehensive technical platform to address both simple and complex aesthetic indications.

Dr Nathalie Grandin In 2021, post-COVID, the Arcane study revealed that French female patients had an annual anti-aging budget of €650 and typically attended 3 sessions on average. As practitioners, this compels us to revise our treatment plans to ensure full patient satisfaction. What types of requests do patients typically […]

Endodermal radiofrequency: ATTIVA, an innovative and minimally invasive approach for treating skin laxity.

Dr Farah Bedar Radiofrequency, a WELL-KNOWN technology Radiofrequency is an established therapeutic tool in the field of non-invasive aesthetic medicine. This technology was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for monopolar radiofrequency as early as 2002, thus highlighting its efficacy and safety for use. Subsequently, technological advances have […]