Aesthetic Medicine

NCTF 135HA: 30 years later, it finally gets the recognition it deserves

Three decades ago, FILLMED introduced the world to NCTF 135HA, a ground-breaking advance in biorevitalisation.  Dr Brigitte Desporte et Laurence Cohen  This unique solution – combining 60 active and bioregenerative ingredients and rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals – was a real innovation. Despite its pioneering vision, […]

Aiming for a healthy glow!

Two techniques are very much in demand at Clinic Lémanic during the autumn months: peelings and lasers. There’s nothing like them to even out and refresh the complexion of women and men alike – each with their own specific needs, but the aim is always to achieve a healthy glow.  […]


A subtle surgical approach for restoring the oval of the face  Dr Henry Delmar  Sagging in the oval of the face is one of the first visible signs of skin aging, which is a major concern for men and women over the age of 40. This sagging often presents as […]

BODYTITE Radiofrequency

Evolution towards a no-scalpel surgery.  Dr Nathaniel Stroumza-Escoffier  Liposuction is the world’s most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure, but the results can sometimes be less than satisfactory due to sagging skin. Over the last fi fteen years, the emergence and continuous development of radiofrequency devices have led to a pro-mising […]