Aesthetic Medicine

Combat that sad look caused by nasolabial folds

By Doctor François Prunièras The nasolabial folds go from the area next to the wing of the nose down to the corner of the lip. These folds appear as we age, following fat ptosis.   The presence of nasolabial folds, when they gradually become more marked, is a very frequent […]

Blepharoplasty for men – attractive yet masculine eyes

by Doctor Olivier Claude This is the number one reason that men see a cosmetic doctor. They want to look fresher and less tired while still looking natural. As we age, our upper eyelids start to look heavier, namely the lateral part. This is when people often enquire about surgery. […]

Intimate female surgery

By Doctor Catherine Bergeret-Galley Intimate female surgery is a wonderful association of surgical and non-surgical procedures that improve a woman’s physical appearance and make her feel better about herself. The aim is to create an attractive vulva and inner and outer labia – most often in young women – and […]

A novel technology poised to supersede both PDL and KTP lasers

Interview with Doctor Gerard Toubel Dr Toubel is a Dermatologist with a private practice in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France. With a slew of lasers at his disposal including a PDL (Pulsed Dye Laser) and a KTP, Dr. Toubel is thought to be the ideal medical professional to assess the usefulness […]

The MD Codes™ Allergan® – Juvederm®

By Doctor Nelly Gauthier After many years of research and experiments, Allergan and Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio are presenting doctors from all over the world with a choice way of performing hyaluronic acid injections according to a rational method made up of codes and equations. This codification, […]

STN or stop tobacco with neuroscience

By Doctor Alain Butnaru A PROTOCOL FOR QUITTING SMOKING FOR GOOD How to quit smoking is a challenge for both smokers and specialists! A new approach based on neuroscience allows us to neutralise the desire to smoke in just one session, backed up by a support programme. This innovative protocol […]