Aesthetic Medicine

Cryolipolysis and nutrition: a synergistic pair!

By Dr. Mahboubeh Charlot Cryolipolysis has proven its efficiency and safety as a non-invasive treatment for localised adipose tissue. It is always associated with a high patient satisfaction rate. Cryolipolysis is now more popular than ever, however it still has a reputation of being limited by the patient’s morphology. In fact, several studies […]

The multilayering technique for tailored volumisation

By Dr Riccardo Marsili. Restore rather than inflate, relax rather than freeze, improve rather than change, personalise rather than standardise: this sums up my philosophy. I think that very obvious aesthetic medicine is poorly-performed aesthetic medicine. Here is how I restore volumes without changing the original facial features and while respecting the harmony of the […]


By Dr Alexandre Marchac: An innovative protocol to beautify and rejuvenate the facial contours Can you explain the 7-Point Reshape to us? It is a protocol for injecting hyaluronic acid into 7 strategic points (lateral part of the cheek, angle of the jaw and chin), which enables us to restore or beautify the […]

Treating post-traumatic scars

By Dr Elena Romanova Treating post-traumatic scars is one of the most difficult challenges for laser centres and clinics. There is a permanent, high demand for this type of treatment following accidental trauma or surgical procedures, particularly following aesthetic surgery.  Using lasers to treat scars is a relatively new alternative […]

An eye-opening look at beauty

Dr Véronique Emmenegger “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Oscar Wilde)” There are certain surgeries to which a systemised approach should never be applied and the eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is one such example. It is a surgery that should not be performed indiscriminately on patients of different ethnic origins, […]