Aesthetic Medicine

Myomodulation and hyaluronic acid

By the doctor Lakhdar Belhaouari A veritable fourth-dimension symbol, myomodulation is defined as the regulation of the activity and movement of a muscle, to either stimulate or relax it. Known for being a filler product, hyaluronic acid can also be used for muscular modulation. We have been aware of this for […]

Adipocytes : the key to cellulite and fatty bulges

By the doctor Philippe Blanchemaison   Cellulite is the result of a chronic imbalance in the adipocyte (adiposis) and its surrounding tissue, in particular the micro-circulation (water retention) and collagen (fibrosis), which leads to three different types of cellulite: adipose cellulite, fibrous cellulite, and cellulite with water retention.     […]