A new therapeutic approach to treat aging of the face during menopause

The menopause is a period when significant changes occur in the skin due to hormonal fluctuations, which can lead to a loss of hydration, firmness, volume and luminosity. The “PATH” (Profundity, Action, Time, Homecare) therapeutic philosophy combines peels, mesotherapy, fillers and homecare cosmeceuticals to treat the facial aging of the […]

Sophie Vann Guillon, Valmont: For the love of skin

“I love touching, producing, passing on knowledge. Continuing to learn with the new discoveries in skin biology, combining them by triangulating them with the formulas I create… It’s my hobby!” ANTI-AGE Magazine: What are the origins of the Valmont brand? Sophie Vann Guillon: It has medical origins: the Clinique Valmont […]

REVITACARE: Over 20 years dedicated to skin quality

Revitacare is a French laboratory founded in 2003, with the conviction that “beauty starts with skin quality”. (Re)discover Revitacare’s distinctive features and products, with answers from CEO Jim Buzon. ANTI-AGE Magazine: What is Revitacare’s DNA? Jim Buzon: Revitacare is a pioneer in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Our laboratory put the first […]

What are organic cosmetics?

Dr Dominique Eraud  The cosmetics market is rapidly evolving and users are more conscious of the damaging effects of pesticides and endocrine disruptors.  We are now aware that everything we put on our skin penetrates inside the body, and manufacturers even use this concept to make patches and certain textiles. […]

NIACINAMIDE: The now-famous anti-aging active

Dr Catherine Navarro Beauty for all genders and all skin types is all the rage, according to famous fashion magazine Vogue. We shine the spotlight on a miracle-working active that is suitable for everyone and has become a star ingredient in modern-day cosmetics.  Also called vitamin B3, this ingredient is […]

The ultimate experience: Hydrafacial

By Dr Diala Haykal Hydrafacial, a must-try treatment, places skin health at the heart of global patient care. Our skin reveals our health and our wellbeing. Healthy, radiant skin is the first thing the outside world sees, and it can affect our self-confidence. Hydrafacial is at the crossroads between beauty, wellness, skincare and aesthetic […]