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Cell “REANIMATION”, unique expertise from OSCIENCE LABORATORY

By Dr Claire Bianchin OSCIENCE are reinventing cosmetology by integrating the ©first cellular reconstruction technology born from medical research that targets one of the major causes of aging.  A global approach to prevention and regeneration is the new component of modern aesthetic medicine. It involves combining aesthetic procedures with ground-breaking […]

Telomeres for the futur

Dr Jean-François Bezot et Dr Claude Dalle  Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes in eukaryote cells (imagine the end of a shoelace). They are non-coding DNA for a specific piece of information, but they are involved in chromosome stability and in the tissue aging process.  The telomeres are covered […]

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine: how can they work together?

Our appearance, particularly our face, is closely correlated with our chronological age. Pr Jean Paul Meningaud Worrying about one’s appearance might seem futile. In fact, many intellectuals, psychologists, organ specialists, religious people and teachers consider physical hang-ups to be trivial. But, as a specialist in facial surgery, I have noticed […]

Act on health & longevity thanks to fast mimicking diet

by Dr Eric Essayagh Fasting has been known and recognised for its beneficial effects on health. However, it must be done with care because without medical control it can also be dangerous for the body. This is how the Fast Mimicking Diet programme was created, to benefit from the advantages […]

My 5 detox and slimming tips

By Boriana Boyer Certain toxic molecules are inevitably produced by our vital processes: breathing, assimilation and use of food, inflammation, etc. However, others come from outside the body, often through our behaviour and habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Added to this are other toxins from the environment: pesticides, […]