Health & Nutrition

An anti-aging diet

Dr Isabelle Meurgey It is one of the three axes that can positively influence our DNA for better physical and mental health.  In certain areas of our planet, there are small communities of people who live to be a hundred or even older while remaining strong and healthy. Whether they […]

Mature sexuality

Dr Dominique Aknin et Dr Jean-François Bezot  Love is a crucial part of our health, our personality and our life.  We humans act in an emotionally intelligent way. There are three main biological factors involved in love: the sexual aspect, attachment, and our preference for a specific partner. The neuro-psycho-hormonal […]

Detox and anti-aging

Dr Isabelle Meurgey  A body full of toxins is a body that does not function properly and that ages more quickly.  Every day, we are enveloped in a chemical environment made up of thousands of toxic products (atmospheric pollution, endocrine disruptors, alcohol, heavy metals, medicines, etc.). We also produce endogenous […]

Cell “REANIMATION”, unique expertise from OSCIENCE LABORATORY

By Dr Claire Bianchin OSCIENCE are reinventing cosmetology by integrating the ©first cellular reconstruction technology born from medical research that targets one of the major causes of aging.  A global approach to prevention and regeneration is the new component of modern aesthetic medicine. It involves combining aesthetic procedures with ground-breaking […]

Telomeres for the futur

Dr Jean-François Bezot et Dr Claude Dalle  Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes in eukaryote cells (imagine the end of a shoelace). They are non-coding DNA for a specific piece of information, but they are involved in chromosome stability and in the tissue aging process.  The telomeres are covered […]