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Act on health & longevity thanks to fast mimicking diet

by Dr Eric Essayagh Fasting has been known and recognised for its beneficial effects on health. However, it must be done with care because without medical control it can also be dangerous for the body. This is how the Fast Mimicking Diet programme was created, to benefit from the advantages […]

My 5 detox and slimming tips

By Boriana Boyer Certain toxic molecules are inevitably produced by our vital processes: breathing, assimilation and use of food, inflammation, etc. However, others come from outside the body, often through our behaviour and habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Added to this are other toxins from the environment: pesticides, […]

Nutri-Emotional coaching, Clinique Nescens Paris Spontini

By Doctor Céline Vauterin  Céline Vauterin’s role as a pharmacist and hygienist has enabled her to understand that a patient’s nutritional and emotional state, due to its effect on their microbiota, is essential to their body’s ability to recover from a surgical or aesthetic procedure. This led her to design a […]

How insulin manages our weight

By Dr Claude Chauchard Almost everyone knows that insulin is an injectable hormone used by diabetics. It controls the level of sugar or carbohydrates in our blood, keeping our blood sugar level at around 1g per litre. What a lot of people are unaware of, however, is the important role […]

Facial “Prejuvenation”

Dr Véronique Gassia  Preventing aging is one of the cornerstones of aesthetic medicine, along with beautification and correction.  Longer life expectancy, scientific advances in the field of epigenetics and the risk factors of aging, and the move towards participative medicine are all arguments for incorporating prevention into all individuals’ health […]

Hormones, stop making life a misery

Véronique Liesse Let’s take a look at a few hormones whose deficiency or excess can speed up the aging process. This list is not exhaustive. Oestrogen: Not just a sex hormone! If any hormone can fight aging in women, its oestrogen! In addition to its known role in reproduction, oestrogen […]