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Wrinkles, memory loss, same fight. AGE BREAKER tackles brain aging. The skin and the nervous system have a common embryonic origin. Recent studies show that the brain and skin also share the same mechanism of aging: glycation, which results from the attachment of sugars to proteins. Thus, the dermal functions […]


A GOLDEN ANTI-AGEING OPPORTUNITY! Article co-authored by DR. EMMENEGGER and DR. WALDBURGER Take a glance in the mirror. You might believe yourself to be alone, but that is in fact far from the truth. Your body is home to trillions of microbes, with which it shares a highly complex relationship. […]

My favourite prescriptions for repairing the skin

By Dr Claude Chauchard Everybody loves being told, “You look well!” As a doctor, I take this to mean that your body is well nourished and supplemented  with  the right vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs, and that its hormones are balanced and doing their job properly. If you look “rough”, this means […]

Fatigue in men and woman after age 50

By Dr Alain Butnaru A feeling of fatigue must not be underestimated. Fatigue is expressed differently in every patient and sufferers may experience a multitude of physical and psychological symptoms. It is caused by many different factors and must be treated with an integrative approach. Physical and psychological symptoms Though […]

EPIGENETICS: A path toward cellular Health

By Dr Neal Kitchen The science of epigenetics offers a new, more thoughtful approach to cellular health in the client’s beauty regimen which has a far greater impact on anti-aging efforts and long-lasting beauty. We are in a new age where customization and personalization can play a major role in […]


By Dr Isabelle Meurgey Ever since the Nobel Prize was awarded to a team of Australian and American researchers ten years ago for their discoveries about telomerase (an enzyme that makes telomere DNA), a number of studies have been carried out regarding the factors that influence gene expression. The findings […]