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How Allurion is shaping the weight-loss space – is this the beginning of the end for obesity 

The company behind a pioneering surgery-free gastric balloon has integrated a digital-first ‘Virtual Care Suite’ and artificial intelligence into its patient-focused Allurion Program. We discuss how these innovations are helping to maximise sustainable weight-loss success. It’s no secret there is a global obesity crisis. A report commissioned by Ministère de […]

Age and feminine allure

Dr Claude Chauchard  In a world where youth is often synonymous with beauty, vitality, and desirability, the issue of aging, particularly for women, deserves special attention.  About half a century ago, Coco Chanel, an emblematic figure of fashion and female independence, uttered words that still resonate today: “After 40, no […]

Food tolerance

Dr Jean-François Bézot & Diala Tufenkji  Digestive issues, some skin problems and chronic fatigue (first signs of human suffering in outpatients) can be traced back to the presence of antibodies (total IgG) directed against certain foods in the blood, showing that these dietary antigens have crossed through the intestinal barrier […]

Microbiota and the skin

Dr Isabelle  Meurgey & Dr Alain  Butnaru  The microbiota is a set of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) which make up a flora of more than 50 different species that live and develop inside our body and on its surface. Our intestine contains between 1.5 and 2kg of this microbiota. Though […]

Boost your vitality by better combining your food

Dr Claude Chauchard Hippocrates said that we should avoid mixing foods that do not agree with one another in our digestive system. Indeed, some foods do not take the same time to digest as others, some are digested in a different part of the digestive tract, and others use different […]

We are what we eat!

Dr Isabelle Meurgey et Dr Jean-François Bézot  “Your stomach needs to be happy” François Rabelais. “Doctor, can you do something for my stomach ache? I’ve seen several specialists who have examined my intestines and tell me there’s nothing wrong, everything’s normal! But I’m still in pain and I know I’m […]