Health & Nutrition

We are what we eat!

Dr Isabelle Meurgey et Dr Jean-François Bézot  “Your stomach needs to be happy” François Rabelais. “Doctor, can you do something for my stomach ache? I’ve seen several specialists who have examined my intestines and tell me there’s nothing wrong, everything’s normal! But I’m still in pain and I know I’m […]

Slimming down those stubborn areas

How to tackle stubborn fat! Dr Claude Chauchard Today, most people wanting to slim down tend to want to lose between 5 and 10 kilos. This is too little to be considered for medical treatments but far too much for those who want to be slimmer. Losing 5 to 10 kilos is relatively […]

The brain and anti-aging

Dr Isabelle Meurgey The brain is ceaselessly reorganising itself. Far from being a static organ, as we long believed, the brain is a plastic organ that is ceaselessly reorganising and connecting with our thoughts, our fi ve senses, our environment. This means that we can take charge of our brain health and no longer […]

Live Healthy up to age 120!

Here is the secret to longevity by Dr Valérie Leduc It is possible to live a long and healthy life. Doctor Leduc – founder of the Maison Epigenetic in Paris, which calculates the patients’ biological age and offers pro-grammes with which they can optimise it through preven-tative health – explains […]

An anti-aging diet

Dr Isabelle Meurgey It is one of the three axes that can positively influence our DNA for better physical and mental health.  In certain areas of our planet, there are small communities of people who live to be a hundred or even older while remaining strong and healthy. Whether they […]

Mature sexuality

Dr Dominique Aknin et Dr Jean-François Bezot  Love is a crucial part of our health, our personality and our life.  We humans act in an emotionally intelligent way. There are three main biological factors involved in love: the sexual aspect, attachment, and our preference for a specific partner. The neuro-psycho-hormonal […]