Author: Thierry

The mirror lift

By Dr Marc Divaris Take a seat and hold a mirror in your hand. Look at your reflection, then tilt your head backwards. See how much younger you look! It is nothing like when you lift your oval with your fingers in front of your bathroom mirror, which gives a slightly “pulled” look. This […]

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine: how can they work together?

Our appearance, particularly our face, is closely correlated with our chronological age. Pr Jean Paul Meningaud Worrying about one’s appearance might seem futile. In fact, many intellectuals, psychologists, organ specialists, religious people and teachers consider physical hang-ups to be trivial. But, as a specialist in facial surgery, I have noticed […]

A deep firming treatment for the face and body

Interview with Dr Ghislaine BEILIN – Interviewed by Annabel MACGOWAN There is a very specific profile of patients who seek facial rejuvenation treatments that do not involve fillers or threads. These men and women prefer to opt for effective and safe technologies that act deep within the skin to improve […]

Life Repair corrective pigment camouflage

By Maud Ravier The dermo-aesthetice solution for camouflaging scars and forgetting they are even there! Accidents, burns, surgery… These are just a few of the things that can leave a mark on the skin and affect our self-esteem. Scars, though they are quite common, cause many hang-ups. They never completely […]