Author: Thierry PIOLATTO

Anti Age Magazine #53

GENERATIVE AI AND PREDICTIVE AI IN THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY  After signing a provisional agreement about Arti cial Intelligence on 8th December 2023, the European Parliament hopes that its “AI Act” will be formally adopted in 2024 to regulate the use of AI. The “AI Act” aims to defend citizens against […]

Thalasso & Spa marin Resort Concarneau, France

Annabel MacGowan Second Printemps, Thalgo’s new programme dedicated to a smoother menopause Expert treatments dedicated to women in the prime of life Menopause is a sacred moment in a woman’s life. New wisdom, maturity, detachment, strength and resilience are just some of the qualities that help us through this crucial […]

Laser treatment for vitiligo

Dr VERONIQUE EMMENEGGER To boost your self-esteem! Characterised by skin depigmentation, vitiligo is a common dermatological problem. It affects 2 to 3% of the European population. Although considered benign, it can be a source of major complexes. Vitiligo often leads to a significant drop in self-esteem. It can even be a […]

Subdermal Radiofrequency

Dr Catherine de Goursac   ATTIVA radiofrequency fulfils the demand for a minimally-invasive treatment for sagging skin, with no downtime required. WHAT IS IT? The technique uses a radiofrequency probe that is inserted subcutaneously and moved around to heat up and therefore stimulate the dermis. Its two temperature monitors allow […]

The MICRO-Lift

Dr Jesús Olivas-Menayo A ligament-based anatomic technique for lower face and neck rejuvenation using bipolar radiofrequency Minimally invasive treatments have gained ground by delivering good results with shorter recovery times compared to traditional surgeries. “Weekend procedures” are trending, where a patient undergoes an intervention on a Friday and can resume […]