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Effectiveness of diathermocontraction in skin laxity and drainage of interstitial fluids in post liposuction

By Dr Luca Zattoni  In recent times, devices based on muscle contraction, also thanks to lockdowns, are becoming more and more “trendy” but what we really need to focus on is a global treatment strategy. Diathermocontraction is precisely the combination of muscle contraction and radiofrequency (RF). In recent years, the […]

Dr Frédéric BRACCINI, a man who advances science

Frédéric Braccini, a surgeon of the face and neck, has a great many strings to his bow – teaching, training, writing, organising congresses – as well as being one of the world’s most eminent rhinoplasty specialists. Here is a portrait of this important figure in aesthetic medicine. “A desire to […]


Dr Simon Sebbah  The skin is a wonderful shield that acts as an interface between the exterior and the interior. However, the prolonged wearing of masks is an agression towards our skin. Beyond depriving us of a part of our non-verbal communication, wearing a surgical mask causes skin discomforts and […]

“High Definition” Liposculpture

Dr Alexis Delobaux  At a time when the popularity of body reshaping treatments is soaring, the launch on the French market of a device dedicated to “High Definition” liposculpture revolutionises this speciality, providing patients with accurate and shapely results and a reduced recovery time. “High Definition” liposculpture, a highly accurate […]

Telomeres for the futur

Dr Jean-François Bezot et Dr Claude Dalle  Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes in eukaryote cells (imagine the end of a shoelace). They are non-coding DNA for a specific piece of information, but they are involved in chromosome stability and in the tissue aging process.  The telomeres are covered […]