Author: Thierry

Cell “REANIMATION”, unique expertise from OSCIENCE LABORATORY

By Dr Claire Bianchin OSCIENCE are reinventing cosmetology by integrating the ©first cellular reconstruction technology born from medical research that targets one of the major causes of aging.  A global approach to prevention and regeneration is the new component of modern aesthetic medicine. It involves combining aesthetic procedures with ground-breaking […]

A protocol to stop skin aging

By Dr Benjamin Cozanet Micro-focused ultrasounds successfully firm and densify the skin with a visible lifting effect.  Combined with Skin Beauty Boosters, this protocol can halt skin aging on the face and decolletage, while improving the skin quality and rejuvenated appearance of the skin over the course of several sessions. Complete […]

Injections containing cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and restore the intimate area

By Dr Adrián Gaspar  mesoestetic® offers two filler products containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid to improve vulvar ptosis and vulvar-vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis.  A drop in oestrogen levels leads to histological changes in the female genitourinary system that affect its function, which can lead to vulvar ptosis and the genitourinary syndrome […]

HYACORP BODY LINE: Fillers to reshape your figure

Dr Amir Reza KHORSAND et Dr Antoni Calmon  With HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF1 and MLF2, the BioScience laboratory has provided an alternative solution to surgery for patients who want to increase the volume of their buttocks, hip dips or calves. Until now, it was diffi cult not to resort to […]

A topical cosmetic treatment to reduce the volume of an injection

Dr Sandrine Sebban Until now, there were no topical treatments capable of adjusting any superficial irregularities after hyaluronic acid injections. We only used hyaluronidase, and only in the case of important side effects. Today, SoftFil® laboratories have developed a brand-new topical treatment that fulfils the needs from doctors for a […]

Over time, the libido always fades

Dr Pascale SABBAN SERFATI  To accept or to restore. Using hyaluronic acid to treat the genital area: A gynaecologist’s real-life experience.  At the root of libido issues: pain The alteration of the vaginal mucous membrane with its loss of suppleness and hydration leads to pain during inter-course. There is, however, […]