Author: Thierry PIOLATTO

An anti-aging diet

Dr Isabelle Meurgey It is one of the three axes that can positively influence our DNA for better physical and mental health.  In certain areas of our planet, there are small communities of people who live to be a hundred or even older while remaining strong and healthy. Whether they […]

Relife, Aesthetic Medicine “Made in Italy”

Francis Lemoine, General Manager, Menarini France Interview by Thierry Piolatto In 2016, the Menarini group launched its aesthetic range, called Relife, in Europe and worldwide. Francis Lemoine, the group’s General Manager in France, tells us about the characteristics, ambitions and specifi c features of this very different laboratory. ANTI AGE […]

Interview with Carrie Strom

Carrie Strom, President of Global Allergan Aesthetics, the industry leader* in aesthetic medicine Interview by Thierry Piolatto As a leader* in the aesthetics market, Allergan Aesthetics has led innovation to support healthcare professionals and their patients for decades. Today, Carrie Strom shares Allergan Aesthetics’ ambitions for the future and gives […]