Author: Thierry

Cryolipolysis and nutrition: a synergistic pair!

By Dr. Mahboubeh Charlot Cryolipolysis has proven its efficiency and safety as a non-invasive treatment for localised adipose tissue. It is always associated with a high patient satisfaction rate. Cryolipolysis is now more popular than ever, however it still has a reputation of being limited by the patient’s morphology. In fact, several studies […]

The multilayering technique for tailored volumisation

By Dr Riccardo Marsili. Restore rather than inflate, relax rather than freeze, improve rather than change, personalise rather than standardise: this sums up my philosophy. I think that very obvious aesthetic medicine is poorly-performed aesthetic medicine. Here is how I restore volumes without changing the original facial features and while respecting the harmony of the […]


By Dr Alexandre Marchac: An innovative protocol to beautify and rejuvenate the facial contours Can you explain the 7-Point Reshape to us? It is a protocol for injecting hyaluronic acid into 7 strategic points (lateral part of the cheek, angle of the jaw and chin), which enables us to restore or beautify the […]

Anti Age Magazine #40 available

Our new Issue is on newsstands! French excellence.  As some of our experts might say, “Let’s not forget that France is the land of hyaluronic acid and that it has made a huge contribution to aesthetic medicine.” It is true that, with regard to these “miracle” fillers that continue to revolutionise the aesthetics industry, French excellence never […]

Treating post-traumatic scars

By Dr Elena Romanova Treating post-traumatic scars is one of the most difficult challenges for laser centres and clinics. There is a permanent, high demand for this type of treatment following accidental trauma or surgical procedures, particularly following aesthetic surgery.  Using lasers to treat scars is a relatively new alternative […]