Author: Thierry PIOLATTO

Interview with Professor Jean-Paul Meningaud

From practice to expertise. Seasoned practitioner, prolific author and standard-bearer of anti-aging. Interview by Thierry Piolatto ANTI-AGE Magazine: Do you have a guru? Professor Jean-Paul Meningaud: I’ve been looking for a guru for a long time! It’s really useful to have someone to emulate but, unfortunately, I’ve not found anyone […]

Regenerative aesthetic medicine

An advance? An alternative? A complementary treatment?  By Dr Wided Limaiem Joumni  What is it? Aesthetic medicine is more about injections and rejuvenation devices, whereas regenerative medicine refers to solutions that stimulate the cells and their functions: primarily the fibroblasts, which are behind collagen and elastin synthesis, and also the […]

3 generations, 3 suitable protocols: choose to age well!

The treatments suitable for each generation. Dr Valérie Philippon  It is vital that we maintain or recover our skin quality, whatever our age. Then, according to the face’s signs of aging, suitable protocols allow us to naturally correct any flaws without altering the facial features. Protocols recommended for the three different […]

Female androgenetic alopecia, finally a solution!

HAIRSTETICS™, a new innovation for hair restoration as an alternative to surgery.  Dr Monique Blanchard  Androgenetic alopecia affects 1 in 5 women. The scientific work of two professors, in dermatology and cardiology, has led to a true technological revolution and the development of HAIRSTETICS™, a completely innovative method for hair […]


A LUMINOUS SMILE IS NOW WITHIN EVERY WOMAN’S REACH  Dr Véronique Emmenegger  A dazzling smile lifts your expression and gives your face an approachable warmth. It is an essential part of a woman’s beauty and self-confidence. At the aesthetic dentistry centre at Clinic Lémanic, we offer patients looking for a […]

An eye for aesthetics

Though photography and aesthetic medicine have very different approaches, they both have the same objective. Interview by Chloé des Lysses. For as long as they can remember, Sandrine Gluck’s friends (myself included) have always known about her passion for photography, her hawk-like eye and her long legs, which resemble the […]