Dr Ludovic Lecornu 

EMFACE is a revolution in anti-aging, by acting on the tonus of the facial muscles in synergy with radiofrequency for the first time. This pain-free technique, which requires no downtime, offers a lifting effect at any age. 

EMFACE is a unique, latest-generation medical device for treating facial aging. This technology, born from seven years of studies, is approved by the FDA and adheres to European standards. In a 20-minute session, EMFACE treats two components of facial aging by increasing the tone of the elevator muscles using HIFES energy, as well as treating the cutaneous component using synchronised radiofrequency to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The protocol is made up of 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the patient’s age, with visible results sometimes after the very first session and optimal results three months after the end of treatment.

Understanding EMFACE

The treatment of facial aging requires us to take into account all four structures: bone, fat, muscle and skin. Over time, the skin, fat and muscles start to sag. Wrinkles are, among other things, the consequence of muscular hypertonia connected with aging, accentuated by skin sagging connected with the loss of collagen synthesis and elastin fibres. The facial muscles can be split into two groups: the elevator and depressor muscles. Over time, the predominance of the depressor muscles accentuates the appearance of wrinkles and leads to an expression of fatigue, sadness and bitterness when the face is at rest.

EMFACE combines two treatments in one session:

HIFES (High Intensity Focused Electric Synchro-nised fields) leads to intense muscle contractions by acting upon the elevator muscles and allows us to achieve a lifting effect. Wrinkles are reduced by 37%* on average, the muscles are lifted and their tonicity is increased by 30%*, which repositions the eyebrows (opening up the expression by 23%*), and recovers the facial volumes. The oval of the face, jawline and cheekbones are redefined.The face looks younger and the facial expressions are not only preserved but made more positive. 

Synchronised radiofrequency which, through the same applicators, emits heat of 40-42° into the dermis and impro-ves the skin structure with a 26%* increase in collagen and a 110-120%* increase in the number of elastin fibres, making the complexion 25% more even after 3 months*.

The place of EMFACE

In my daily practice, it makes sense to offer my patients global anti-aging treatments. Though there are many techniques, a technology that allows us to treat the muscles while staying non-invasive is a revolution in terms of treatments, as no other technique allows us to act directly on increasing the tone of the facial elevator muscles. This opens up new perspectives for global treatment.It is a solution that allows us to avoid injections for patients who are afraid of needles, but is, above all, a solution that allows us to combine injections or other techniques, using them in synergy to balance out the muscles, the volumes of the face or its hydration, with effects that respect the facial expressions while using fewer injectables.


Dr Ludovic Lecornu: A specialist in maxillo-facial surgery and stomatology. International university degree in morphological and anti-aging medicine. Member of the AFME and the SAMCEP. He practises anti-aging medicine in Cannes.

More informations: bodyclinic-cannes.com

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