Dr Alexis Delobaux 

At a time when the popularity of body reshaping treatments is soaring, the launch on the French market of a device dedicated to “High Definition” liposculpture revolutionises this speciality, providing patients with accurate and shapely results and a reduced recovery time.

“High Definition” liposculpture, a highly accurate technique

“High Definition” liposculpture involves sculpting the silhouette in three dimensions using the existing muscle reliefs. The plastic surgeon removes the patient’s own fat from where it is in excess, to reinject it into specific areas in order to redefine and reshape the body’s contours.

Fat is a noble substance that offers multiple possibilities in liposculpture and is of interest to more and more patients, both female and male. As for plastic surgeons, «High Definition» liposculpture allows them to express both their visions of aesthetics and the harmony of shapes and reliefs, and to to fulfil the patient’s requests accurately, safely and efficiently.

This is why, when I discovered the Vaser® system (Solta Medical®), I wanted to be trained by the pioneer of “High Definition” liposculpture, Colombian surgeon Alfredo Hoyos. He became my mentor, and after my intensive training I was able to introduce the concept of “High Definition” liposculpture in my clinic. 

Selective liposuction with ultrasounds

We have used the Vaser system since 2020 and have treated the chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back and knees, arms and neck of more than 150 patients. The theory behind this system is simple: a very fine probe is inserted underneath the skin which uses the vibration of high-frequency ultrasounds to gently separate the fat cells (adipocytes).

In fact, ultrasound associated with a fluid enriched with microscopic bubbles of gas fragments and emulsifies the adipocytes in order to make them more liquid during aspiration. This preserves the surrounding tissues and does not damage the adipocytes, which makes it easier to transfer the fat during the “sculpting” phase.

aqThis system makes liposuction effortless for the surgeon, with less bruising and shorter recovery time for patients, compared to conventional systems. Clinical studies have proven that 25% less blood is lost, and have shown an increase in skin retraction of more than 50% compared to classical techniques. There are fewer irregularities and bumpy areas.

“High Definition” liposculpture to shape the whole silhouette

Current patient demand is increasingly oriented towards redefining the curves of the silhouette. The procedure is carried out 360°, we treat the whole body, which means the front of the body then the back to achieve spectacular results. When there are a lot of areas to suction and reshape, we carry out the procedure in two phases with two months’ recovery in between. I can now work on the lower back to optimum effect, thanks to the skin retraction achieved with the Vaser system.

The buttocks (injections guided by sonography with the SMART BBL technique, developed by Dr Delobaux) breasts, and the small of the back are the most popular areas for body contouring. More and more men are requesting the “six pack” abdominals they have seen on social media. In my pre-treatment appointments, I explain that the important thing is that the body looks shapely as a whole, and that the abdominals must be coupled with well-defined pectorals and shoulders.

Therefore, to ensure the transformation is as even as possible, an athletic V-shaped back is paired with well-defined shoulders. A key area for “High Definition” liposculpture, the shoulders are a symbol of virility and protection.

Increasing demand“High Definition” liposculpture is a procedure in which the surgeon acts upon the patient’s anatomy to sculpt and enhance its natural shape. This type of surgery requires special training for each area; for example, to achieve realistic abdominals, we must follow specific codes, draw up a precise map of the patient’s anatomy, and identify and respect the patient’s morphology. In one year, my liposculpture patient list has increased by 20% because the results obtained are spectacular. Vaser makes this procedure much easier, as the cannula can move around without any resistance. The patient recovery time is shorter and there is very little bruising. Above all, the skin retraction means we can work on reputedly diffi cult areas like the neck or back.

This technology fulfi ls the requirements of surgeons who seek safe and high-performance equipment, and of patients who want a tailored body enhancement.

Dr Alexis Delobaux: Creator of the SMART BBL Expert in VASER liposuction and VASER trainer RENUVION trainer Interuniversity degree in Microsurgery from the Ecole du Fer à Moulins Paris Interuniversity degree in Hand Surgery from the Paris VII faculty University degree in Facial Anatomy from the Paris V faculty University degree in Medical Hypnosis from La Pitié Salpêtrière

More informations: lipohdbordeaux.com 

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