Docteur Catherine Gaucher 

Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving. Highlighting our patients’ natural beauty is at the very heart of the French Touch because this “natural” approach really resonates with both doctors and patients who seek a harmonious and refined result. This new range of products with unique technologies allows us to work with precision and comfort, enriching our already extensive arsenal of treatments. 

A new range of precision-based injectables for a natural look

I started injecting in the early 2000s and was there when hyaluronic acid and polylactic acid first made an appearance. As a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, my first principle has always been the famous “primum non nocere”. The basic rule that I have always honoured is that a product should fill a therapeutic gap or provide a noticeable, quantifi able and reproducible improvement. This is the case with the new range of MaiLi hyaluronic acid from Sinclair laboratories. This new HA, developed in Switzerland, benefits from patented OxifreeTM technology which involves removing the oxygen present when the long molecular chains of HA attach themselves to one another.

This technology provides a two-fold effect. The elastic gel has a high projecting ability, which means that smaller quantities of product are needed: clinical studies have shown that, compared with another quality HA, we use on average 24% less product. The second effect stems from the first: since they are deprived of oxygen, the free radicals have a limited capacity for breaking down the HA and therefore the product can last up to 12 months. This is all fantastic for pioneers, like me, who are always eager to learn about new developments, and I think the same goes for many of my peers. What immediately won me over was the four fi llers’ projecting ability.

They are also very easy to inject, which makes it easier to distribute the product evenly. The injection technique is very fluid and precise, which is important in my work because I never make any huge changes to a face, I prefer to work gradually. I like to focus on prevention, by gradually improving the particularities that appear and that do not match the patient’s personality.

Redefining, restoring, improving: the 3 pillars for harmonious beauty enhancement

My patient list is mainly made up of women aged between 40 and 55, and a few men. I always look at their face as a whole, and I tend to make subtle corrections, even if it means scheduling a top-up treatment, in order to achieve progressive, accurate and natural results. The MaiLi range allows me to play with textures that are elastic and can be spread very evenly.

All textures, from volumisers to gels for fine lines, mould to the natural shape of the face and facial expressions, which avoids any “ball-like” effect. I use MaiLi Extreme in the temporal hollows, the hollow of the cheeks and to reshape the oval by redefining the angle of the jaw, or even to plump up the chin, and I insert the needle right to the bone. Next, I use Define for the expression lines and to fill the nasolabial folds, as well as for the tear trough, depending on the type of under-eye hollow. If the skin is quite thick, I use Define, and if it is thinner I use Precise, which I also use superficially to smooth fine lines on the eyelids and upper lip. In this area, I tend to perform the nappage technique to iron out the skin. Next, I carefully work on the edge of the lips with Precise, as its regularity and easy injection are fantastic for this highly technical and ultra-precise task, where even a drop too much can quickly be visible. The upper lip can be injected using Precise, which I also use a lot for the lips, using the nappage technique for a glossy look.

To conclude, ever since I had the chance to test the MaiLi range, I was won over by its easy use and rapid learning curve. The syringes are easy-to-use and ergonomic, very pleasant to use. We can achieve highly accurate results both due to our handiwork and the rheological qualities of the gels, which are suitable for specific injection sites and depths. This range allows us to perform fine-tuned injections in order to achieve real aesthetic refinement. 


Docteur Catherine Gaucher: Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser in Paris Doctor of Medicine (Thesis Montpellier 1977) Specialist in Dermatology Former intern at the Hospitals of Montpellier Teacher at the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy of Montpellier, Bordeaux, Tours) Holder of the university diplomas “Lasers in dermatology” in 2001 and “Wrinkle injection” in 2004.

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