By Dr. Benji Dhillon
Numerous studies on facial anatomy have shown the existence of two fat layers: a deep static layer under the muscles and a superfi cial dynamic layer above the muscle. Therefore, to obtain 100% natural results, the rheology of the gels used must be adapted to each layer.

Which are the elements to consider when selecting the right volumiser?

Aesthetic and anatomical assessment of the face is es-sential before any injection. Based on this I select pro-ducts that have the most suitable rheological charac-teristics for the targeted anatomical compartment and the phenotype of the patient. These can vary depending on the quality and thickness of the skin.I start by injecting into the deep fat layer with a very cohesive gel which has a strong G’, capable of PROJECTING. This may then be augmented by injecting into the superfi cial compartments with a product that is able to adapt to the dynamic of facial expression.

What type of volumizer do you offer?

As with building a house, I like to lay the foundations: a struc-turally stable base in the deep fat layer.

Therefore I use in combination Teosyal® Ultra Deep and Teosyal RHA® 4 from Teoxane Laboratories, available in 1.2 ml syringes, which act differently from anything I have used in the past.Depending on the patient I will either use Teosyal® Ultra Deep, with a needle or cannula, in an individual with thick subcu-taneous fat or thick skin which provides very good projection with a single bolus at a supraperiosteal level. In contrast other products with a lower G’ would require me to inject a higher quantity of product for a similar result. However in an individual with thinner skin I will instead use Teosyal RHA® 4 at a supraperiosteal level, with a needle or a cannula. Interestingly Teosyal RHA® 4 due to its rheological properties is also extremely powerful at using in the superfi cial fat layers as it has suffi cient ‘stretch’ to adapt to facial dynamic. Teosyal RHA® 4 is the only volumizer on the market capable of following the movements of the face without losing its viscoe-lastic properties and giving a truly natural result.

What do you gain by using 2 references instead of one?

The different rheological characteristics of the two products allow me to adapt the treatment to each patient and thus ensure optimal satisfaction.

Dr Benji Dhillon, plastic surgeon specialising in aesthetic medicine. An ambassador for global facial care to achieve harmonious and natural results, he is the Founding Director of the Defi ne Clinic in Beaconsfi eld, Buckinghamshire, which brings together facial specialists and cosmetic dentistry under one roof.

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