Aesthetic Medicine

The new generation, in line with generation Y

By Doctors Marilyne Plasqui, Julien Carré et Ludovic Lievain Generations X, Y and Z – who are very knowledgeable and, above all, highly influenced by social media – have a modern approach to “anti-aging”. To guide them, a new generation of doctors, in their forties, are breaking the codes of traditional […]

Reducing acne scars

By Doctor Michael Benzaquen With a combination of surgical and laser treatments Acne suffered during adolescence can lead to scarring, mainly when it is not controlled or treated properly. Treatments that combine surgery and lasers can help to reduce these scars. Stage 1: Prevention It is important to remember that […]

Body shaping with “high energy inductive treatment”

Since patients are increasingly opting for non-invasive treatment methods, body shaping/body contouring is one of the fastest growing areas in the world of aesthetics. The market for devices suitable for these purposes is accordingly dynamic and innovative. What’s the Z Field System? The new “Z Field Dual” body shaping device […]

Collective care

By Doctor Ouri Cohen A holistic response to patient’s expectations Taking care of our patients and all their requirements, from cosmetology to lasers to plastic surgery, is the mission of our centre dedicated to medical aesthetics and anti-aging. For our staff, the main key to success is the sharing of […]

Vivacy: innovations that make a difference

By Dr Thierry Piolatto What is their approach to facial aesthetics? Over the past few years, patients’ aesthetic concerns for age-related facial volume loss have considerably increased (1). Wrinkles aren’t the only consequences of facial aging. In the fullness of time, the face endures functional and anatomical modifications due to […]