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T35P – The brand-new peel by MCCM medical cosmetics

The process of skin face aging is a major concern for many of us. With the growth of aging population, there is an increasing concern on restoring a youthful appearance. Rejuvenation techniques have been improved due not only to technological advances, but also to the population’s preoccupations with health and […]

Vivacy: innovations that make a difference

By Dr Thierry Piolatto What is their approach to facial aesthetics? Over the past few years, patients’ aesthetic concerns for age-related facial volume loss have considerably increased (1). Wrinkles aren’t the only consequences of facial aging. In the fullness of time, the face endures functional and anatomical modifications due to […]

A new approch in body shaping to treat muscles & fat

By Dr Nelly Gauthier and Dr Julien Carré BTL introduces a new groundbreaking approach to sculpting the body – the first and only non-invasive body-shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat in the abdominal area, and it creates a completely non-invasive buttock lift procedure with no injections necessary! […]

Holistic slimming

By Dr. Isabelle Meurgey An interactive and long-lasting approach Long-lasting weight loss can only be achieved if we adopt a global and etiological approach for tackling excess weight. We do not all gain weight for the same reasons. Treatments must be personalised and must focus on both the metabolic and […]