Aesthetic Medicine


Our three types of hyaluronic acid cover different facial needs: from the filling of small lines to the treatment of deeper wrinkles or volumizing cheekbones. SURFACE offers cutting-edge dermal fillers that will both treat and rejuvenate the skin. Surface Style treats lip contours, frontal sulcus, teardrops and superficial wrinkles. Surface […]

Stylage XXL

Facial volume loss contributes significantly to the ageing process of the face. The specific high-density products, such as STYLAGE® XL (with or without lidocaine) and/or STYLAGE® XXL, can be used to restore the fullness of the facial tissues that has diminished over time to the temples, the cheeks, the oval […]

mesoestetic Pharma Group: mesofiller

mesofiller®: the latest generation of dermal generation to correct wrinkles and restore facial volume. Four years of development were required to create this new range. The mesofiller range (DENSIMATRIX® technology, a revolutionary cross-linking method associated with a total purification process) enables the cross-linked of 100% of hyaluronic acid chains and the […]


mesohyal®  is the widest range of class III medical devices with the CE marking for intradermal administration to realize face and body mesotherphy aesthetic treatments. They improve the appearance of the skin immediately and progressively and have long lasting effects. The range is ideal for combining with and optimising the […]