Intimate injections: a taboo? No more!

Dr Hichem Bensmail  Specialists in aesthetic medicine, Laboratoires VIVACY is the only company to offer an innovative injectable hyaluronic acid-based solution to help women improve their intimate health. Let’s focus more on this unique treatment!  When we talk about vaginal rejuvenation, what does it actually mean? Dr Bensmail: The concept […]

Refined restructuring of the face

Docteur Catherine Gaucher  Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving. Highlighting our patients’ natural beauty is at the very heart of the French Touch because this “natural” approach really resonates with both doctors and patients who seek a harmonious and refined result. This new range of products with unique technologies allows us […]

Spotlight on the expression

By Dr Benjamin Cozanet The periorbital area is very fragile and is the area that suffers most from premature aging. Though eyelid surgery is the first operation in terms of the average patient age, combined treatments can provide a non-invasive and tailored solution for every problem, without changing the expression […]