Aesthetic Medicine

brightening peel booster

mesoestetic® presents brightening peel booster. A gel that renews and clarifies skins with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, blemishes and signs of photoaging. A treatment particularly recommended after the summer when the skin tends to look dry, dehydrated, lacklustre and dull. brightening peel booster, with 10% glycolic acid, significantly boosts skin […]

Autumn: time for your skin to get back to work!

Dr Bernard Mole, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon, Paris Your skin has been under attack for several weeks through extensive exposure to sunlight, heat and, in some cases, extreme conditions, such as cruises and high altitudes, from which it may not have been fully protected. The time has come to repair […]

MD Skin Solutions: Official Providers of Aesthetic Innovations

Based in Luxembourg, MD Skin Solutions is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer specialized in developing anti-aging solutions. Drawing on the latest advances in regenerative medicine, MD Skin Solutions has defined an original approach to aging that is both specific and generalized. Scientists at MD Skin Solutions have successfully developed combined […]

What is CRISTAL medical cryolipolysis ?

The CRISTAL implements apoptosis of fat cells that are more sensitive to cold. At low temperatures (-8 ° C), they die and the body gradually eliminates them in a perfectly natural way. The CRISTAL is to date the best representative of the medical Cryolipolysis device . The CRISTAL is devoid […]