Health & Nutrition

Smart pills: boost your brain power

By Doctor Claude Dalle A lot of people are talking about them, but what exactly are smart pills? They can be defined as drugs that stimulate the brain, in one way or another, to enhance its capabilities and improve the person’s performance, making them more efficient, more alert. Smart pills […]

Buddy: The companion robot

Buddy is “kawaii”, which means cute in Japanese. But besides being cute, he is also a real companion for all the family and a valuable AI & decision-making device for people living on their own. He improves everyday life by providing company and assistance, such as event, meeting or delivery […]

CELERGEN: Revive your flagging cells

Presented as an oral cell therapy without the need for injection and manufactured using Swiss Proprietary Cold DNA Extraction Technology, this treatment has caused a sensation in the celebrity world. It aims to prevent, repair and rehabilitate the body’s tissues. By attaching themselves to peptides, the active ingredients rejuvenate dormant […]


By Michael O’Neill Taschen is known for publishing books full of sumptuous images, and this XL edition is no exception. But, in addition to the incredible poses photographed in the book, the author wanted to demonstrate how the models are in harmony with the photographer, how the body is in […]

Digital innovations in dental surgery

By Doctor Arnaud Soenen Nowadays, dental surgeons carry out imaging, digitisation, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), 3D printing and much more. These innovations enable us to spot oral diseases earlier, make more accurate diagnoses before taking action and offer more precise and effective treatments.  What digital technologies are already being […]

Kolibree, a smart toothbrush

The Kolibree toothbrush is suitable for adults and children, and is particularly useful for teaching them how to brush their teeth properly, regularly and without missing any areas. The toothbrush provides plenty of useful information: duration of brushing, whether you are brushing too vigorously, etc. The company’s studies have shown […]