Health & Nutrition


QardioArm: The smart blood pressure monitor This blood pressure monitor boasts wireless connectivity and a sleek design. It looks nothing like a medical device and therefore fits seamlessly into your daily life. The data is recorded in a Cloud and can be shared with your family or doctor. www.getqardio.com

iHealth: Align

A smart glucometer This enables you to record your glucose levels with a Bluetooth device and a smartphone. It is the smallest connected glucometer on the market. The device uses LEDs and is very easy to understand. The data can be stored on a secure Cloud and can even be […]


Have you ever thought of whitening your teeth with a black toothpaste? Well now you can, thanks to this revolutionary new toothpaste containing charcoal, which is well known for its ability to remove stains caused by tannins and eradicate bacteria. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!   […]

Purr, naturally chocolate

Organic chocolate that will make you immortal! Purr offers a range of chocolate made using coco sugar and other top-quality ingredients. A healthy and tasty alternative, inspired by nature, that comes in 6 original flavour combinations. For a youthful boost try “Immortelle”, which contains roasted almonds, gingko biloba and helichrysum […]


Cambridge Beauty Chocolate: Healthier skin in 3 weeks? Yes, it is possible! Esthechoc contains powerful antioxidants: astaxanthin, anti-inflammatories (6,000 times more effective than vitamin C) and cocoa polyphenolic epicatechines which significantly improve skin biomarkers, notably by increasing oxygen microcirculation in the blood.  Treat yourself to one Esthechoc chocolate per day for […]