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Purr, naturally chocolate

Organic chocolate that will make you immortal! Purr offers a range of chocolate made using coco sugar and other top-quality ingredients. A healthy and tasty alternative, inspired by nature, that comes in 6 original flavour combinations. For a youthful boost try “Immortelle”, which contains roasted almonds, gingko biloba and helichrysum […]


Cambridge Beauty Chocolate: Healthier skin in 3 weeks? Yes, it is possible! Esthechoc contains powerful antioxidants: astaxanthin, anti-inflammatories (6,000 times more effective than vitamin C) and cocoa polyphenolic epicatechines which significantly improve skin biomarkers, notably by increasing oxygen microcirculation in the blood.  Treat yourself to one Esthechoc chocolate per day for […]

A beautiful head of hair

Doctor Claude Chauchard For both women and men, hair loss has a negative impact on their physical appearance and is a symptom of nutritional and hormonal deficiencies. Take the legend of Samson, who loses all of his strength when he loses his hair. Our beliefs do not go quite as […]

Spice up your life!

Health-boosting dishes By Elyane Lebre Most of us are happy just to add salt, pepper or a few herbs to our meals. Every so often we branch out and make a couscous, lamb curry or mustard sauce, but all too often spices are left to fester at the back of a […]

Can we rely on genetic testing?

By Doctor Claude Dalle Genetic testing is gradually going to take over the field of medicine, and therefore our lives. But how reliable is it? Everything started after the noughties with the decoding of the human genome, when researchers began to look into exactly how genes worked. This quickly gave […]

BIOCYTE, Microlift nuit 45+

If you want to regenerate your skin from within and are seeking benefits even through the night, this dietary supplement containing organic silica, L-cysteine, arginine, SOD, hyaluronic acid, zinc and Gaba slows ageing deep-down and provides effective antioxidation.