Virginie Couturaud

Though aesthetic procedures enable us to achieve almost immediate beautifying results, combining them with a suitable at-home beauty routine can optimise these effects. Proper skin care is essential for helping skin to stay beautiful for longer.

The Institut Esthederm’s ecobiological approach works very well as a complement to aesthetic procedures. It gets the skin ready to receive these treatments, which potentiates their benefits.  Esthederm’s  products  are  developed  to  protect, strengthen the skin’s ecosystem, regulate and reboot its natural mechanisms. Aesthetic procedures stimulate the skin, whereas skincare products rebalance it, increase hydration, and inundate it with the vital elements it needs for faster regeneration. Consequently, the skin is better protected from ag- gressions and is able to reap the full benefits of the procedure.

At the Institut Esthederm, all products are formulated using Cellular Water. Inspired by the physiological fluid inside the cells, this patented water is defined by its pH, its redox potential and its concentration of mineral salts. The skin’s cells benefit from an optimised environment, allowing them to function properly. The Cellular Water Mist is a real ally, since our body cannot survive without water.

The Institut Esthederm’s Intensive line treats specific problems intensively, as a course of therapy. Formulated with molecules that are well reputed in aesthetic medicine, they are the perfect complement to cosmetic procedures, which they optimise by prolonging their effects.

Gentle cleansing with the Osmoclean range and the Cellular Water Mist in the morning and evening prepares the skin for aesthetic procedures and cosmetic products. The Intensive Hyaluronic Serum is a staple product that is suitable for all skin types, regardless of the aesthetic procedure planned. The primary way to treat aging is by hydrating the skin! (The second is with antioxidants). Dehydrated skin cannot function properly or defend itself. When boosted with natural elements, the skin copes better with the disruption caused by the aes- thetic procedures: the more tailored its preparation is, the shorter its recovery time.

Depending on the procedure, you may need to use sun protection to prevent hyperpigmentation.

It is important to use very high protection if the skin is exposed to the sun: NO SUN for those who like to use a mineral block, or Photoreverse, which pro- vides sun protection while lightening the skin, for skin susceptible to pigmentation marks. Just after the procedure, use plenty of Cellular Water: it will make your recovery time shorter! After the proce- dure, apply Intensive Hyaluronic Serum morning and evening if the skin is damaged, and as often as required if the skin is intact. Use Intensive Hyalu- ronic Serum for a month, ideally, combined with Intensive Hyaluronic Cream according to your skin’s needs. For sensitive skin, I recommend using Intensive Vitamin E2 Serum, which is soo- thing and antioxidant, and specially formulated for skin susceptible to redness and itching.

Virginie Couturaud

Cosmetologist, doctorate in Pharmacy from the Paris XI medical faculty, postgraduate diploma in Dermocosmetics, diploma in Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU from the University of Brussels. For over 20 years, Virginie Couturaud has run a centre that assesses the safety of cosmetic products (CRO). Currently Scientific Director for the NAOS group at the Institut Esthederm, she uses her expertise to address women’s needs and teach people about the benefits of a suitable beauty routine.


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