The latest-generation STYLAGE® dermal fillers from VIVACY Laboratories have completed their offer by introducing a new approach to dermocosmetics with STYLAGE® SKIN PRO skincare line and the exclusive VIVASÔME complex present in all its formulations.

This complex is based on the principle of transporting active ingredients:

Tiny microbeads (called Liposomes) act as carriers of the active ingredients encapsulated inside. These liposomes penetrate the cutaneous barrier and release the active ingredients into the targeted cells.

What are the active ingredients?

  • SORBITOL. In addition to providing hydration, this powerful antioxidant fights the free radicals that cause skin ageing.
  • GLYCOMOLECULES. They activate collagen and elastin synthesis in the dermal layer to encourage cell renewal.
  • TREIGNAC NATURAL MINERAL WATER. This water with a high silica content soothes and hydrates the skin.

The premium STYLAGE® SKIN PRO line consists of five products:


The REPAIRING CREAM. It is designed for the skin that is inflamed after an aesthetic procedure (post-peel, laser or injection), but it can also be used to soothe everyday irritations (after sun or cold exposure, hair removal or shaving). The REGENERATING SERUM. It is enriched with Omega-9 Ceramide, which optimises skin regeneration and has a beneficial effect on the face’s radiance, tone and wrinkles thanks to its hydrating and firming properties. It can be applied morning and night and is recommended for use alongside the third product in the range.

The ANTI-AGING RESTRUCTURING CREAM. It completes the SKIN PRO range. Thanks to its powerful active ingredients (Rosemarinyl™, Polydatin), it helps the skin to fight free radicals and boosts its hyaluronic acid levels. It also contains Uvaxine®, which triggers the skin’s natural defences against the sun’s harmful rays.

The INTENSE MOISTURIZING CREAM. With hyaluronic acid it completes the range. It provides immediate and long lasting hydration for all skin types, and intensively nourishes the skin with Shea Butter. Syn®-Ake, a peptide with a “Botox-like” effect relaxes the muscles of the face for a relaxing effect and a better suppleness of the skin. All of these products also contain hyaluronic acid and a derivative of vitamin C.

The products are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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