Dr Dominique Aknin et Dr Jean-François Bezot 

Love is a crucial part of our health, our personality and our life. 

We humans act in an emotionally intelligent way. There are three main biological factors involved in love: the sexual aspect, attachment, and our preference for a specific partner. The neuro-psycho-hormonal approach is the new paradigm for anti-aging medicine. For a long time, it was thought that sexuality was closely linked to the biology of reproduction, with a view to ensuring the survival of the human race; indeed, the oestrogen spike just before ovulation stimulates desire and therefore leads to intercourse.

As a woman approaches the menopause, the clinical repercussions of her body’s dwindling ovarian and adrenal hormone secretions have a damaging effect on a couple’s relationship; not only physically, with a loss of libido made worse by vaginal dryness and atrophy, often combined with weight gain which creates body image issues, but also psychologically, with disrupted sleep patterns and hot flushes that lead to a generalised feeling of fatigue.

Chronic stress and relationship issues can also get in the way of creating an amorous mood. In reality, things are even more complex, as there is another organ that plays a huge role in desire and love: the brain. The brain is a major erogenous zone. The impact of sensorial stimulation is well known: visual (art can lead to orgasm or ecstasy), auditory with heightened musical emotions, olfactory with the pheromones, and tactile through the skin.

How is this possible? Via the neurotransmitters, which allow the brain to communicate with the rest of the body. Without them, there would be no muscle contractions, breathing or hormone release, and we would be incapable of seeing, thinking, understanding, remembering, feeling emotions, (to be shared), feeling desire…

Dopamine, which is often deficient in our stressful societies, is the neurotransmitter of pleasure, sexual desire, emotion, our preference for a particular partner. The libido is mainly driven by the dopaminergic system. Serotonin is the “zen” hormone that puts you in a good mood and makes you want to give and receive, while avoiding falling into the traps generated by impulses. Maturity is a time of life when we know what we want and, above all, what we no longer want. This requires a delicate balance, without too many dopamine or serotonin fluctuations. We measure the urinary metabolites of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin (*), translating the action of the neurotransmitters on the receptors. Measuring the metabolites gives us an indication of the intensity of the message that is really transmitted.

How to optimise your sexuality:

First of all, we need to treat the physical symptoms by correcting any hormone deficiencies identified by way of biological examinations. In the absence of counterindications, we opt for a personalised prescription of hormone replacement therapy made up of natural oestrogen and progesterone. To this, depending on the indications, we might add small doses of DHEA. Locally, hyaluronic acid injections and/or vaginal laser sessions are extremely effective.

Personalised vitamin and trace element supplements, prescribed following a specific assessment, will boost all metabolisms. Love needs regular upkeep: the more effort we make to stimulate our partner, seduce them and surprise them, the longer the flame will burn. Develop shared interests and shake up your routine, use your imagination to keep the passion alive!

Dr Dominique Aknin. Gynécologue Médicale. CES de Stérilité. DU d’Echographie Gynécologique. DU de Techniques d’Injections et de Comblement. DU de Médecine Anti-Age. Intéressée par une prise en charge globale de la femme, de sa santé intérieure à l’optimisation de son capital beauté.

More informations: gynecologie-lyon.com 

Docteur Jean-François Bezot est Biologiste médical. Docteur en pharmacie, Faculté de pharmacie de Paris. Ancien interne des Hôpitaux de Paris. Spécialisé depuis 1988 en biologie anti-âge et en protéomique fonctionnelle. Vice-président de la Société Française de médecine anti-âge. Conférencier international.

More informations: biopredix.com 

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