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Second Printemps, Thalgo’s new programme dedicated to a smoother menopause

Expert treatments dedicated to women in the prime of life

Menopause is a sacred moment in a woman’s life. New wisdom, maturity, detachment, strength and resilience are just some of the qualities that help us through this crucial and delicate period. The team at thalasso Concarneau, led by director Caroline Mahe-Lea, has designed a new holistic programme that combines the fundamental treatments of thalassotherapy with a programme of expert treatments in tune with feminine energies. The aim is to facilitate a more fulfilling and less stressful pre-menopause and menopause.

To be reborn to oneself, to experience a second spring, while easing the discomforts and recovering one’s energy. In France, 87% of women experience at least one symptom of menopause, and 20% to 25% suffer from disorders that affect their quality of life. The cure is offered in 6-, 5- and 4-day formats, and begins with an hour-and-a-half appointment with a naturopath who identifies each woman’s needs and expectations. First, needs, deficiencies and excesses – including emotional ones – are mapped out. The visit provides an opportunity to take stock, to enlighten oneself, guided by the pertinent and empathetic questions of naturopath Anne Denis, who specialises in dietary balancing, facial and foot reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies. Each guest leaves with a personalised bottle of Bach Flowers, as well as healthy lifestyle advice adapted to this stage of life, to be implemented after the cure to gain vital energy and serenity.

Relieve, energise, harmonize

Second Printemps offers specific massages dedicated to rebalancing feminine energies to help restore fluidity and harmony between body and mind. Energies Féminines massage, Dien Chan treatment, Chrysalide treatment, Qi Gong session, Silicium Lift Thalgo facial treatments
 complete this programme. Its aim is to help you achieve overall mental and physical well-being and find your new inner balance. These innovative treatments are combined with the fundamental treatments of thalassotherapy to create a deep, lasting balance and boost vital energy through the benefits of the sea. Hydrotherapies, baths, seaweed wraps and jet showers remineralise, hydrate, stimulate and invigorate the body. Aquagym sessions work on flexibility and fluidity, and soothe any joint pain. The marvellous Qi Gong session “inspired by the Jade Daughter” uses specific sequences to activate each person’s innate healing power, and includes self-massage sequences for practice at home. This slow choreography, accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan bowls, koshi chimes and rain sticks, is a pure moment of letting go, lulled by the movements and the graceful, hypnotic tones of the instruments. 

The Feminine Energies massage focuses on balancing a woman’s three energy centres: the forehead, the heart and the lower abdomen, the womb and place of original creation. The therapist’s expert hands identify knots and energy blockages and use acupressure to restore and circulate energy, bringing a new emotional balance and a sense of well-being.

The Dien Shan treatment, newly arrived in France after being created in Vietnam by a doctor, is a facial reflexology technique. Its aim is to stimulate the circulation of energy throughout the body, improving vitality and sleep quality. This astonishing treatment, performed with a stylus, uses the nervous system as a communication channel by stimulating certain points on the face, linked to each organ and zone of the body. It activates the immune system, decrystallises energetic and emotional knots – hence its powerful effect on sleep – rejuvenates and deeply relaxes. A revelation!

A restaurant dedicated to pleasure

Resort manager Juan Francisco Tena (formerly of the Palaces de la Côte d’Azur, the Royal Monceau group and the Serge Blanco thalasso) is bringing a new lease of life with a fresh, light and gourmet gastronomic vision, in harmony with the cures. Before moving on to the Le Domaine restaurant, linger at the bar, with its superb view over the Sables Blancs beach, to sample cocktails created to suit your mood by the head bartender, an accomplished mixologist and creator of stunning cocktails and mocktails. Don’t miss the spirulina mocktail, sweet and sour with a hint of iodine… delicious!  The table is a moment of well-being, marked by a search for subtle flavours. A cuisine based on the balance between land and sea, with the best of the Breton terroir. You’re sure to enjoy yourself and make the moment last, culminating in light, refined desserts from the head pastry chef. 

This intimate marine spa resort boasts 68 rooms and junior suites with relaxing decor and superb sea views. A gentle cocoon of serenity to let go and leave recharged and soothed.

Second Spring Cure: 18 treatments, 6 days 6 nights, half-board and double room from €1,812 per person.

Adress: Thalasso Concarneau
36 Rue des Sables Blancs, 29900 Concarneau
Tél : 02 98 75 05 40

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