Author: Thierry

Using hayluronic acid and tensor threads together to treat the oval

Dr Olivier Claude An attractive oval is a sign of beauty and youth that is often one of our patients’ primary requests. A personalised aging analysis enables us to offer the best treatment plan to correct this key area. There are, broadly speaking, eight main face shapes: round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, heart-shaped, […]


The LifeViz® Micro is the first, portable, 3D imaging system to analyse microstructure skin measurements Being able to visually track progress with reproducible images is priceless in treatment evaluation. By adding measurements and data to the system, the 3D LifeViz® Micro upgraded with the 3D Track® module is a comprehensive […]

ONDA COOLWAVES: New technology to reshape your body 

DEKA, the world leader in aesthetic laser solutions, presents its new microwave technology Cool-waves, designed to effectively erase cellulite and orange-peel skin, localised fat and skin laxity. ONDA Coolwaves Coolwaves provides a concrete and safe way to completely remodel your silhouette: destruction of fat cells and production of new collagen. […]

DOLCE By WYNDHAM (Sitges, Barcelona)

An oasis of Mediterranean luxury In Sitges, one of the most beautiful beaches near Barcelona, this 5-star resort features interior design by the Rose Ink Workshop and is the ideal place to relax. Its 263 bedrooms, 3 restaurants and 4 bars allow you to enjoy the countryside and melt into […]

The oval of your dream: Techniques that really work

Dr Laurent Benadiba A sagging oval means sagging in the lower face along with the appearance of jowls. Over time, the V of youth is inverted and becomes a V of old-age, with jowls and cheek ptosis. Demands according to gender  Patients often ask us to make their oval look good […]