Author: Thierry

Cryolipolysis compared to Injection Lipolysis

Dr Natalie Keller Medical devices for fat reduction are a trending topic in aesthetic medicine. Cryolipolysis is a method that is successfully carried out in my own practice. The so-called fat freezing treatment is an efficient and effective method of reducing localised fat deposits (Garibyan et al. 2014). However compared to non-instrument-based procedures like injection […]

Facial volume restoration using the “STYLAGE® FACIAL TRANSFORMATION” Injection method

Dr Natalia Bronitsyna To make a beautiful face does not only consist in restoring its youth but resides in the capacity to give it perfect proportions. These proportions must be respected for the overall balance of each face. In this article, Dr. Bronitsyna talks about a comprehensive and tailor-made approach to facial rejuvenation […]

Beautyfing the facial movements

By Dr Sylvie Joly Patient care and injection techniques have evolved. The patients themselves have changed. Now, in addition to creating a natural-looking result, we pay great attention to ensuring that the proportions and volumes blend harmoniously into the face and respect its personality and expressions. Embellishing and reshaping the […]