Author: Thierry

High superior tension abdominoplasty for a really flat stomach!

Dr Yohann Derhy Abdominoplasty is the most complete plastic surgery procedure for the tummy. It is indicated for patients who have excess skin on their belly (due to weight loss, aging, multiple pregnancies, etc.). The “high superior tension” technique is a better developed version of the traditional tummy tuck and […]

The Excimer Laser shines a new light on vexatious vitiligo

Dr. Véronique Emmenegger Vitiligo: a confidence-reducing dermatological condition! Vitiligo is a common dermatological condition that is characterised by depigmentation of the skin. Although it is often considered benign, vitiligo can be a source of major psychological complexes and cause a signifi cant drop in affected patients’ self-esteem, especially when it affects the more visible […]

Treatment of skin laxity on the arms

Comparison of 2 innovative techniques by Dr Klaus Plogmeier  Skin tightening around the arms is a quite frequent request mainly expressed by women. If the patient is not grossly overweight, saggy skin located on the arms is usually the result of genetics and lack of exercise. The non-invasive procedures are more […]

Anything for a good selfie…but at what cost?

In aesthetics, there is no zero risk. This is why Galderma teach a maximum number of doctors how to inject their products, with the aim of making the procedure safer and keeping these risks to a minimum. At the opposite end of the spectrum, injections carried out illegally, by non-professionals […]