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Body contouring trends

by Dr Jonquille Chantrey Trends come and go but the desire to look and feel more body confident in the summer months remains a front running trend for all ages and genders alike.  Of course achieving the desired body shape has a multitude of contributing factors include a conscious health driven […]

Reshaping the figure with lipolaser

by Dr Gilles Korb Lipolysis using low-energy lasers (cold lasers) is the most recent technology to be used to melt away fat, allowing patients to lose several centimetres from their waist, reshape their figure and reduce cellulite.   Why do we gain weight? Fat is our body’s energy reserve. It is […]

Hyaluronic Acid, the new implant?

By Dr Hugues Cartier  In the near future, hyaluronic acid could have a new role to play. Interview with Dr Hugues Cartier* Might hyaluronic acid have a role to play in implants in the near future? Dr Hugues Cartier : Actually, it already does, as a biostimulant. We can already remove tissues […]

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and facial medical Strobing: the “less is more” concept.

By Dr Frédéric Braccini, MD “Less is More” technique The “Less is More” technique distinguishes between static and dynamic facial planes, allowing for natural expressions, positive patient image, an artistic analysis that encompasses the entire face including untreated facial units.  Aesthetic medicine is a rapidly evolving field that comprises certain […]

Act on health & longevity thanks to fast mimicking diet

by Dr Eric Essayagh Fasting has been known and recognised for its beneficial effects on health. However, it must be done with care because without medical control it can also be dangerous for the body. This is how the Fast Mimicking Diet programme was created, to benefit from the advantages […]

My 5 detox and slimming tips

By Boriana Boyer Certain toxic molecules are inevitably produced by our vital processes: breathing, assimilation and use of food, inflammation, etc. However, others come from outside the body, often through our behaviour and habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Added to this are other toxins from the environment: pesticides, […]