Author: Thierry

“High Definition” Liposculpture

Dr Alexis Delobaux  At a time when the popularity of body reshaping treatments is soaring, the launch on the French market of a device dedicated to “High Definition” liposculpture revolutionises this speciality, providing patients with accurate and shapely results and a reduced recovery time. “High Definition” liposculpture, a highly accurate […]

Telomeres for the futur

Dr Jean-François Bezot et Dr Claude Dalle  Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes in eukaryote cells (imagine the end of a shoelace). They are non-coding DNA for a specific piece of information, but they are involved in chromosome stability and in the tissue aging process.  The telomeres are covered […]

Medical-Aesthetic Treatment

Dr Jean Luc Haziza  Doctor Jean-Luc Haziza tells us about his experience using PRX-T33: “Medico-aesthetic treatments are constantly evolving”. PRX-T33 marks the birth of a new class of treatments: topical biorevitalisation. It is thanks to an Italian research team that we can now offer this patented, effective treatment that has […]

A new filler product to reshape the body and face

Dr Francesca de Angelis  The medical aesthetics arsenal was missing a filler product to reshape the body. It needed to be available in suffi cient quantities to fill certain areas of the body, it needed to be safe, and it needed to offer natural results, both in appearance and to […]

Facial Rejuvenation with the new DEFINISSE Tensor Threads

By Dr Ghislaine Beilin A new generation of resorbable threads has been developed in recent years: support threads. They have become a key tool in our therapeutic arsenal. Treating facial aging targets the volumes and wrinkles with fillers, skin quality with skinboosters, and repositions the facial tissues with support threads.  […]