Aesthetic Medicine

The advantages of tensor threads and combined treatments

Dr Bernard Mole Fillers restore lost volume, fill in prominent folds and erase superficial wrinkles. Threads are used to reposition structures that appear to sag over time.  The constant improvements made to fillers (primarily hyaluronic acid) and tensor threads (either resorbable or permanent, for which the insertion techniques and indications […]

A protocol to stop skin aging

By Dr Benjamin Cozanet Micro-focused ultrasounds successfully firm and densify the skin with a visible lifting effect.  Combined with Skin Beauty Boosters, this protocol can halt skin aging on the face and decolletage, while improving the skin quality and rejuvenated appearance of the skin over the course of several sessions. Complete […]

Past and future of anti-aging medicine

By the Dr Isabelle Meurgey and the Dr Alain Butnaru Mankind has always sought to prolong its youthful energy and longevity. The ability to slow down, or even reverse the aging process and cure a large number of age-related illnesses is within reach.     Anti-aging medicine is a holistic […]

Injections containing cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and restore the intimate area

By Dr Adrián Gaspar  mesoestetic® offers two filler products containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid to improve vulvar ptosis and vulvar-vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis.  A drop in oestrogen levels leads to histological changes in the female genitourinary system that affect its function, which can lead to vulvar ptosis and the genitourinary syndrome […]