Aesthetic Medicine

HYACORP BODY LINE: Fillers to reshape your figure

Dr Amir Reza KHORSAND et Dr Antoni Calmon  With HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF1 and MLF2, the BioScience laboratory has provided an alternative solution to surgery for patients who want to increase the volume of their buttocks, hip dips or calves. Until now, it was diffi cult not to resort to […]

Radiofrequency for the face and body

By the Dr Nathalie Fournier Radiofrequency (RF) is used in aesthetic medicine to tighten and regenerate the tissues. It is a very appealing, non-invasive alternative to a face or body lift, filler injections, tensor threads, liposuction and other treatments. Its many variations are used on the face, body and intimate […]

From aesthetics doctor to referring doctor

By the Dr Philippe Kestemont and the Dr Frédéric Braccini   Doctors Philippe Kestemont and Frédéric Braccini talk to us about how their profession has evolved to focus more on prevention and monitoring their patients over the long term. We see our patients at least twice a year! Dr Philippe […]

Myomodulation and hyaluronic acid

By the doctor Lakhdar Belhaouari A veritable fourth-dimension symbol, myomodulation is defined as the regulation of the activity and movement of a muscle, to either stimulate or relax it. Known for being a filler product, hyaluronic acid can also be used for muscular modulation. We have been aware of this for […]