Aesthetic Medicine

Genital Hyperpigmentation

By Dr Nadine Baron How to treat genital hyperpigmentation with a Dermamelan peel Hyperpigmentation is a brownish or blackish discolouration on certain areas of the skin due to excess melanin. Anyone can have darker skin around their genital area, re- gardless of their skin colour. It occurs when the skin produces […]

The fight against photoaging

By Dr Diala Haykal Chronological aging and photoaging: how to find the right solutions Our skin, like all our other organs, suffers from chronological aging. In addition to this, unlike the other organs, the skin is in direct contact with the environment and is therefore affected by a type of […]

Over time, the libido always fades

Dr Pascale SABBAN SERFATI  To accept or to restore. Using hyaluronic acid to treat the genital area: A gynaecologist’s real-life experience.  At the root of libido issues: pain The alteration of the vaginal mucous membrane with its loss of suppleness and hydration leads to pain during inter-course. There is, however, […]

Treating pigmentation marks with what we have in our practice

By Dr Isabelle Rousseaux Why does our skin produce pigmentation marks after a certain age, especially light phototypes? It is all, or almost all, down to the melanocytes – dendritic cells in the basal layer of the epidermis, located on the dermo-epidermal junction – which are responsible for making melanin […]

From skin firming with THERMAGE® to skin rejuvenation with Fraxel

DR Korinne CHARDEL-VAN HAAFTEN  ThermaFrax: A synergic treatment plan that combines Thermage technology (monopolar radiofrequency) that fights skin sagging, with Fraxel technology (Erbium and Thulium fibre lasers) which treats a number of skin conditions, to smooth the skin and erase wrinkles, acne scars and brown marks.  Thermage is a therapy […]