Aesthetic Medicine

The oval of your dream: Techniques that really work

Dr Laurent Benadiba A sagging oval means sagging in the lower face along with the appearance of jowls. Over time, the V of youth is inverted and becomes a V of old-age, with jowls and cheek ptosis. Demands according to gender  Patients often ask us to make their oval look good […]

Facial rejuvenation with microvibrations

Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau “I’d just turned sixty when the face I encountered at least once a month in the mirror suddenly appeared foreign to me.” Anthropologist David Le Breton pinpoints how we feel about our body as we age, highlighting how we become aware that the most intimate part of ourselves is fading […]

[3D] LIP

The new product from TEOXANE laboratories, [3D] Lip: Daily lip care with a rich texture that provides comfort, hydration and plumping effect to the lips. It contains microspheres of hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as shea butter. These ingredients will smooth, nourish and plump the lips. In addition, its melting and non-sticky texture and refreshing applicator tip provide comfort […]

EMSCULPT: New SMALL applicators 

End of 2019, EMSCULPT launched their new SMALL applicators on the body sculpting market, which are specially designed to sculpt and tone the arms and calves. The famous 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes are focused on these difficult-to-tone areas. Your calves will gain muscle mass thanks to the accumulated effects […]