Aesthetic Medicine

Rejuvenation that preserves the feature’s integrity

By the doctor Marie-Thérèse Bousquet The stimulation of collagen carried out by monopolar radiofrequency induces a real restructuring effect of the cutaneous layers.     This treatment does not alter the face’s morphology, which is what appeals to patients of both sexes. What is more, by stimulating collagen production, monopolar […]

Artificial intelligence (AI), the genius of molecular biology

By the Doctor Jean-François Bezot et Alain Reymond Functional proteomics analysis: understanding and deciphering our biological signature with a simple blood test.     Proteins act like our body’s biological memory, kind of like a “black box”. Human proteins are dynamic motors whose dysfunctions reveal illnesses. A veritable molecular language, […]

The keys to an efficient immune system

By the doctor Isabelle Meurgey and the doctor Alain Butnaru In a previous article, we talked about Juvenology®, a new concept that combines health and beauty. One of the essential components for optimum health and aging well is maintaining the efficiency of one’s immune system throughout one’s lifetime.   Our […]