Aesthetic Medicine

What is CRISTAL medical cryolipolysis ?

The CRISTAL implements apoptosis of fat cells that are more sensitive to cold. At low temperatures (-8 ° C), they die and the body gradually eliminates them in a perfectly natural way. The CRISTAL is to date the best representative of the medical Cryolipolysis device . The CRISTAL is devoid […]

Dermafill Global Xtra

An injectable latest generation of Dermafill brand, adaptable to all areas of the face, except the eye area. Its strength lies in its adaptability to harmonize with all types of wrinkles: fine, medium and deep. This injection also redefines perfectly the lip contour and can be injected into the different […]

Yet more innovations with the coolmini® applicator

Zeltiq, the manufacturer of the coolsculpting® device, a leader in the field of cryolipolysis, is continuously investing in research and development in order to offer doctors and patients innovative solutions that fulfil their expectations. What makes the device stand out is the quality of its hand pieces. These hand pieces are […]