Reveal your natural glamor Our three types of hyaluronic acid cover different facial needs: from the filling of small lines to the treatment of deeper wrinkles or volumizing cheekbones. SURFACE offers cutting-edge dermal fillers that will both treat and rejuvenate the skin. 1- Surface Style treats lip contours, frontal sulcus, […]

Exclusive interview with Elina TESTER, President of Premier Pharm

Elina Tester : “I always give every woman a choice” Dr. Elina Tester is a famous American businesswoman, scientist, and creator of the most advanced, breakthrough developments in the field of anti-aging skincare technologies. Today – she is president of the successful American research holding company, Corrective Development, and companies including, […]

High performance cosmetic masks: an integral part of the aesthetic medicine protocol

High performance cosmetic masks: an integral part of the aesthetic medicine protocol. Stemming from expertise in high tech micro-cannulas, SoftFil® offers a dual approach to innovative anti-ageing techniques: combining medical aesthetics with effective cosmetics. The use of professional skincare masks after aesthetic treatments (filler injections, peelings, laser and LED treatments) […]

Innovative hydrogel for sublime eye contours

To reduce the volume of pouches, lighten dark circles, smoothen fine lines and diminish signs of fatigue, use the new SoftFil® Sublim’ Mask Eye Contour Patch. Its new-generation texture of film-forming hydrogel is flexible and adapts to the skin perfectly, allowing for ideal and continuous diffusion of the active ingredients […]

HydroPeptide: two age-reversing eye treatments

Eye Authority is a multi-functional eye cream that delivers unparalleled results. Thirteen peptides address delicate skin around the eyes by facilitating capillary drainage, relaxing wrinkle-causing repetitive muscle contractions and optimizing collagen. Crushed pearl powder immediately camouflages dark circles and an antioxidant blend that includes white tea helps neutralize free radical […]