mene&moy Ideal for the legs, breasts, stomach and buttocks, ADVANCED C BODY LOTION improves skin quality and tone, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Skin becomes firmer and smoother more quickly. Composed of 30% glycolic acid and 5% Ascorbosilane C, this body treatment is effective on sagging skin and […]


BIO ENZYMES MASK BRIGHTENING The first microbial cellulose brightening mask, inspired by regenerative skin therapy. Made from cellulose (as opposed to material), this mask has an almost viscous texture which acts like a “second skin”. Loaded with bearberry and aloe vera, it illuminates the complexion.

SKINGOLD, Anti-Wrinkle & Clarify

Regardless of age, gender, complexion, or ethnicity, the causes of acne are the same for everyone. However, as we age our skincare needs become more complex. Already known for its amazing anti-aging results, HydroPeptide has applied the same dedication to creating a collection that can address all of these complex […]


Reveal your natural glamor Our three types of hyaluronic acid cover different facial needs: from the filling of small lines to the treatment of deeper wrinkles or volumizing cheekbones. SURFACE offers cutting-edge dermal fillers that will both treat and rejuvenate the skin. 1- Surface Style treats lip contours, frontal sulcus, […]