Adaptasun by Esthederm

Protective silky body mist. Always focusing on the brand’s mission to help you tan without aging, this new body mist stimulates and intensifies your tan, prevents photo-aging, protects, nourishes and enhances your skin. A blend of noble oils (Oryza Sativa, coconut and Limnanthes Alba oils) protect the cell DNA while […]

Dermalinfusion, Envy Medical

For major skin concerns. Envy Medical provides safe alternatives for treating today’s major skin concerns. Dermalinfusion treatment, and a suitable range of daily at-home skincare products, supports the high standards of industry professionals while maximising patient satisfaction with visible results. Envy Medical’s products are powered by ingredient discoveries including Lumixyl® […]

Cryobeauty for the hands, by Cryobeauty Pharma

Erase brown marks on your hands. Thanks to Cyto-Selective cryotherapy, this medical device can treat sun lentigos on the hands, pain-free and after just one application. This technique involves rapidly lowering the temperature in the exposed area using micro-cryo-sprays of the refrigerating active difluoroethane. The production of melanin is reduced, […]

Nu Skin®

Spotlight on a brand at the cutting edge of innovation As the first direct-selling company in the anti-aging product sector, Nu Skin® are setting new standards, driven by a team of 30 researchers to maintain a constant level of innovation. LumiSpa™: A device for cleansing and firming up the skin […]

Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, Fresh

Anti-Pollution Age Delay Powered by Kombucha (black tea), this essence acts as a shield to protect your skin from pollution and prevents wrinkles from appearing by rehydrating the epidermis. Mid-way between a serum and a lotion, this new routine will quickly become a go-to first step in your beauty routine, […]

Secret d’excellence, Galénic

The quintessence of Galénic’s expertise. Following on from The Cream, Galénic have created an ultra-concentrated anti-aging serum with exceptional powers. Snow Algae produces large quantities of defensive substances (antioxidant carotenoids), and survival and longevity molecules (glycoproteins, antifreeze sugars, polyphenols). Galénic bonus: incomparable texture and finesse, with a wonderful feeling of […]