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Can we rely on genetic testing?

By Doctor Claude Dalle Genetic testing is gradually going to take over the field of medicine, and therefore our lives. But how reliable is it? Everything started after the noughties with the decoding of the human genome, when researchers began to look into exactly how genes worked. This quickly gave […]

BIOCYTE, Microlift nuit 45+

If you want to regenerate your skin from within and are seeking benefits even through the night, this dietary supplement containing organic silica, L-cysteine, arginine, SOD, hyaluronic acid, zinc and Gaba slows ageing deep-down and provides effective antioxidation.


Global anti aging global programme Cream + capsules Glycation is the slow and ongoing process that leads to the “caramelization” of proteins and in particular collagen and elastin. Directly involved in the signs of skin aging (loss of elasticity, pigmentation disorders, wound healing disorders …), glycation can be controlled by […]