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Using a filler with bio stimulating qualities allows us to treat areas or issues that are difficult to improve. 

As a rejuvenating treatment that also benefits the skin quality for the long term, this pioneering filler product is certainly causing a stir, as its various applications are being discovered by aesthetics doctors. Used pure or diluted, as a combined treatment with other therapies such as radiofrequency or focused ultrasounds, the aim is to rejuvenate, beautify and lift the sagging parts of the face while providing some regenerative density to the skin. In terms of the body and neck, decolletage and hands, thanks to its collagen-inducing properties, it has a real tightening effect on sagging skin in different areas of the body.

Natural state and versatility

I have used Radiesse since 2012, as its different qualities allow me to treat a wide range of issues. On the face, I inject it undiluted to achieve a lifting effect and improve the skin quality. With age, the SMAS migrates downwards, taking with it the adipose planes and the skin, and as a consequence we see the appearance of jowls, starting at the mandibular notches, and the jawline becomes less straight and less defined. We need to pull all of the planes upwards, just like surgeons do in a face lift. First of all, we need to create an anchor point in the non-mobile part of the face, near the ear. After creating this anchor point, which is also the entry point for the cannula, I inject oblique lines of product in a fan shape using the retro-tracing technique. Radiesse is like a natural tensor thread, as it stimulates the skin to produce new collagen and elastin to provide this lifting effect. This gives both an immediate and a long-term result, thanks to the tissue induction mechanisms generated by the calcium hydroxyapatite. As a bio stimulator, in addition to the rejuvenating effect created by the “threads” of product that are injected, which pull the facial volumes upwards, the skin becomes plumper and better hydrated, and any superficial crumpling and fine lines are erased thanks to the calcium hydroxyapatite, which redensifies the skin and acts upon the contractile forces of the fibroblasts.

The CaHA stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, particularly the stratum corneum. It acts upon cellular cohesion due to the “messenger” role of the calcium, and by increasing the production of collagen and elastin and reducing the synthesis of collagenase (the enzyme that breaks down collagen), it also densifies the skin.

This incredibly versatile product can be diluted with saline solution, usually 1:1 or 1:2, i.e. one volume of gel to one or two volumes of saline. This product dilution covers a wide range of indications, and it can be used on its own or as a combined treatment with a medical device such as HIFU or radiofrequency.

A wide scope of application

I use it a lot on the neck and decolletage as well as on the hands, where its collagen-inducing capabilities redensify the skin without weighing it down. The dilution is one volume of product to one volume of saline solution. It can also be injected into the neck using a cannula, with an entry point on the sides and using the retrotracing technique across the whole area.

On the body, the product also offers satisfactory results. I use it to smooth any wrinkled skin on the abdomen, with a dilution of 1:1. This treatment can be combined with radiofrequency sessions or a session of focused ultrasounds. On the arms, with one volume of product diluted in 2 volumes of saline solution and combined with endermologie or focused ultrasounds, we achieve very good results, with visibly firmer and smoother skin. As a second-line treatment, it improves the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin on the thighs. Finally, I sometimes use it with the nappage technique as a finishing touch on dimply buttock fat, after endermologie or radiofrequency. The product works even better when it is massaged in, and it can be spread very evenly so I always massage the area after injection.

Radiesse has never let me down, and I consider it to be the most noble injectable product. I have never had any problems with it or any granulomas, despite injecting more than 5,000 syringes of this product over the last 10 years.

Dr Christian FAYARD: Specialist in aesthetic, anti-aging and morphological medicine. Performs treatments and procedures that address the body’s needs: diet and nutrition, facial treatments, body treatments, hair transplants and permanent laser hair removal.

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