Par le Docteur Isabelle Gallay

Un mélange d’art et de science.

Une analyse personnalisée, à partir de laquelle un plan de traitement peut être élaboré, est une condition préalable essentielle pour le traitement médical du vieillissement cutané. Idéalement, cette analyse conduira à un plan de traitement complet: cosmétique personnalisée, correction du volume et prévention de l’affaissement. 

In the face, aging affects the skin, the subcutaneous tissue and the facial muscles’ elasticity. Careful analysis of how the face is aging enables us to draw up a case-by-case treatment plan that targets or combines the tools available to us. In this way, we can use fillers as “substitute treatments” for the skin, whenever there is a lack of volume or cracks in the dermis. As for the lower third of the face, the tight contours of youth give way to softer contours in an aging face: rather than fillers − which tend to overload the tissues that are already weighed down by gravity – we use induction and tensor threads, which are now available in a resorbable format. These enable us to tighten up the face by performing a “medical lift”. The insertion of up to 20 short threads (basic PDO or more-inducing screw PDO) in strategic areas, combined with longer threads with bidirectional barbs for better grip (LFLBARB II from Croma) into the oval, enables us to “rehang” the skin and thus compensate for slackening muscles.

Though a prior appointment is vital to the success of the treatment, it must also be used to diagnose the skin’s requirements: the patient’s medical history, genetics, lifestyle and cosmetic routine all provide valuable information that can help us to diagnose the type of aging and give advice on how to treat and prevent it. The theory behind Functional Dermatology and Personalised Cosmetic Prescription was born from the Universkin™ concept. This is a bank of cosmetic actives designed to be introduced extemporaneously. They are combined in different ways according to the patient’s requirements, in a serum made up of biomimetic peptides.

In a bid to provide comprehensive medical treatments for aging patients, Croma laboratories offer a range of Princess™ fillers, resorbable PDO induction and tensor threads, and polylactic acid “Happy Lift” threads with bidirectional barbs, as well as customisable Universkin™ cosmetics.

The medical treatment of skin aging involves blending art with science. It requires in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy, accurate technical dexterity, and an artistic eye that takes into account the patient’s personality and ensures the results look as natural as possible.


Doctor Isabelle Gallay


Medical doctor specialising in Dermatology

Graduated from Saint-Louis Paris-Lariboisière University Hospitals

Titulaire d’un diplôme inter-universitaire en “Dermatologie en maladies systémiques” de Paris Montpellier

Se tient régulièrement au courant des techniques de chirurgie de la peau



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