Hyaluronic acid is well established in rejuvenating skin and harmonizing facial proportions. Though today’s dermal fillers are more safe and effective than ever, the quest continues to deliver more natural results.

I’ve developed “PLURYAL Contouring: the shadow eraser” – a technique balancing shadow and light to avoid the artificial “hyaluronic face” look.

Contouring – the photogenic secret

Social media has upped the stakes when it comes to self-image and patients are increasingly demanding photogenic, flawless skin. We know that some people are more photogenic than others because of the way their facial contours reflect light through the camera lens. Using this insight, we examine a patient’s face and apply a treatment strategy known as “adjusting the light”, inspired by the results of make-up contouring – a technique made popular by celebrity make-up artists and involving using dark and light shades on different areas of the face to define features, creating higher cheekbones or slimming the nose for example.

Redefining facial beauty with the right fillers
By analyzing the make-up contouring technique, we found that the best results are achieved when light and shadow are redistributed in the right way on the face. Using different viscosities of filler, we can recreate this light and shadow to define facial features, for results lasting to 12 months depending on the individual and the areas injected. Areas that can benefit from contouring include cheeks, temples, tear trough, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, the jawline and the nose.
In my opinion, the safest injectable filler is one composed of high purity hyaluronic acid such as products from the Pluryal® range, which are totally degradable. Pluryal® fillers (developed by MD Skin Solutions laboratories, Luxembourg) are well-established, safe and effective dermal fillers composed of monophasic and cross-linked non-animal hyaluronic acid.

A simple and fast technique

To redefine the shape of the face and rejuvenate its appearance, we start with highlighting, injecting very small quantities of the product into three dots on the lateral sides of the cheekbone, in the middle part of the Ogee curve and into the temples. Next, we smooth out the tear trough, the nasolabial folds, laughter lines and the temples to remove shadows. By smoothing the tear trough (under-eye hollowed dark circles), we “erase” dark circles and enhance the eyes to make them appear younger and less tired. By attenuating the nasolabial folds and laughter lines, frowning aspects disappear. And by filling the temples, the forehead becomes more harmonious with a lifting effect. Finally, by adding a small volume to the dorsum of the nose we redefine its shape to make it appear “slimmer”. Easy, fast and efficient, the contouring technique can be performed in a 45-minute session and has the advantage of requiring no downtime.

Natural results in perfect harmony

Contouring is an excellent technique for harmonizing the face and offering youthful beauty that doesn’t look artificial. It is a great way to balance shadow and light, taking into account the fact that aging affects the entire face and all areas should be slightly touched-up for the most natural look. There is nothing more artificial than correcting only one area of the face (for example nasolabial folds only without recreating facial volume), especially from the age of 45, when skin aging is alrea- dy affecting most of the facial features. By using very small amounts of products, and working according to the make-up artist contouring technique, our patients are enjoying the sa- tisfaction of natural and harmonious results.

Doctor ALEXANDER TURKEVYCHA: dermatologist professor in Lviv, Ukraine. He has an extensive experience in the administration techniques of dermal fillers, skinboosters and Mesotherapy products. He is an international speaker in major anti-aging and dermatology congresses such as EADV, IMCAS, AMEC and AMWC Monaco. He publishes on a regular basis and is a member of the MD Skin Solutions Academy for continuous education.

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