Dr Christophe de JAEGER 

In France, cosmetic medicine has a real tradition of excellence.

This excellence is the result of unparalleled technical mastery, respect of the individual, none of the overindulgence we see in other countries, and fl awless ethics. Some of our fellow cosmetic doctors are true artists who help people to fulfil their aspirations.

Aspirations which might be purely aesthetic and at any age, but which, most often, are intensified by the devastating effect that age has on the skin and the desire some people have to look younger for professional and/or personal reasons. 

Skin aging: a major reason for seeking help

Skin aging is the main reason why most people of a certain age turn to cosmetic medicine or surgery. This aging is partly genetic, but it can also be aggravated by a bad lifestyle (smoking, sun, etc.) and an unhealthy environment.

It is therefore a good idea, when faced with intolerable signs of skin aging, to seek help from a professional who can take direct action and transform the skin’s appearance, but also a professional who can identify and correct the processes behind this skin deterioration. A multitude of factors cause skin aging, and they are both extrinsic and intrinsic.

An obvious combination but, unfortunately and strangely, one that is rarely employed

Let us imagine, in a perfect world, an aesthetic doctor and an anti-aging doctor working together to offer patients short, medium and long-term, highly effective treatments. This anti-aging medicine is rooted in human physiology. Vascular deterioration, innervation issues, multiple deficiencies…the possible treatments are plenty.

I am someone who actively campaigns to broadcast the knowledge we have of these processes. However, like in any cutting-edge medicine, it is useful to base our work on proven technologies that allow us to measure physiological age and its variants. The biological elements available to us are inadequate intermediaries to proper knowledge of the skin’s physiology.

We should not hesitate to exploit the powerful synergy between the work of a cosmetic doctor, which is to improve the appearance of aging skin, and that of an anti-aging doctor, who corrects all of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that cause this aging. 

Dr Christophe de Jaeger: President of the French Society of Longevity Medicine and Physiology. Gerontologist and physiologist. One of Europe’s leading doctors in the field of preventing aging. Over 30 years ago, Christophe de Jaeger developed a technical platform dedicated to studying physiological age and how it is treated. He is in charge of teaching at the Paris and Lille medical faculties. He is a speaker at international conferences and has written a number of scientific and medical articles, as well as books about the preventative treatment of aging.

More informations: institutdejaeger.com 

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