By the doctor Véronique Emmenegger


Who hasn’t dreamed of losing a few centimetres around the waist without strict dieting and exercise? This is possible thanks to the impressive performance of the latest generation EmeraldTM laser.


You might think that the only way to lose fat is through plastic or bariatric surgery or by embarking on a strict diet and a rigorous exercise regime. This is where EmeraldTM laser treatment comes in. With its advanced technology, it promotes significant and targeted fat loss in stubborn areas without the side-effects or the risks associated with surgery.

A revolution in fat loss technology

The Emerald laser is a technology that harnesses the body’s natural mechanisms for eliminating excess fat. Fat cells, which can swell to 100 times their own size with stored fat, rapidly and naturally release their fat content under the effect of the emerald coloured lasers and return to their original size without damaging the tissues. The treatment also stimulates the cells, improving metabolism. Excess fat is then naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. “We are proud to have been selected by Erchonia as the first centre of excellence offering the treatment in French-speaking Europe and Switzerland. It is a perfect fit with our clinical philosophy of non-invasive treatments that we have been pursuing for the past 25 years at Clinic Lémanic”, says Doctor Emmenegger, Medical Director of the clinic.


Painless and non-invasive

Emerald laser treatment is comfortable and painless and allows patients to immediately resume their professional, social and sporting activities. Apart from the face, any part of the body can be treated, area by area – stomach, waist, back, arms, thighs, knees… First results are often visible after the first week of treatment and, with appropriate lifestyle adjustments, the results can be long-lasting.

Emerald laser treatment programmes are suitable for anyone needing to lose fat, including people with a BMI above 30 and people for whom dieting and exercise have proven ineffective in the long-term. It is effective in eliminating stubborn and uncomfortable fat deposits without resorting to liposuction or bariatric surgery.

Emerald laser treatment is FDA approved and clinical trials have shown that it is possible to lose, on average, 15cm around the waist and impressive results on the hips and thighs of patients with a BMI of 30 and above.



By the doctor Véronique Emmenegger.
Doctor of medicine. Double specialist qualification from the FMH (Swiss Medical Association) in Clinical Dermatology, Venereology, Allergology and Immunology.
In 1998, she co-founded the Clinic Lémanic in Lausanne, Switzerland – a clinic dedicated to anti-aging, skin health and beauty – where she has been Medical Director for 20 years. Winner of several international awards, including the IIPP Prize for Merit for the Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine at
the UNESCO in Paris.

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