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An elegant approach to wellness and art

This jewel in the heart of Marrakech – a palace nestled in eight hectares of lush parkland – offers a whole host of benefits, whether for a short or long stay. Lovers of modern art can admire unique pieces and a carrousel of exhibitions (at the moment, the palace is paying tribute to Farid Belkahia, an important figure in Moroccan art, with the “A l’épreuve du temps” exhibition). Guests who favour a spot of pampering can enjoy exclusive treatments in two spas – the Oriental Spa and the Spa du Palace – with a Dior Institut (the only one in Morocco), a sensory trail with nine warm pools and an ice fountain. Food lovers and night owls can take advantage of the seven restaurants (including the famous poolside Epicurien, Le Saadi, Cour des Lions and Othello), which serve organic cuisine, made with ingredients from the family kitchen garden in the Ourika valley (Le Potager du Bled), plus three bars, the Marrakech Casino and a nightclub (the Theatro, voted Africa’s best nightclub and one of the Top 50 in the world). 

For those who want to laze around, the extraordinary gardens boast a 2,400m2 swimming pool (and a heated 300m2 pool), ten villas with their own private pool, eight Ksars (private 160m2 dwellings), one Palace with 90 suites, each with their own unique door, and a five-star hotel with 135 bedrooms and fifteen suites, all shaded by majestic bougainvillea, banana trees, palm trees and baobab trees, brilliantly maintained by the gardeners (the gardens are lit up on an evening, giving an “Arabian nights” vibe and making them the ideal spot for an after-dinner stroll).

A breathtaking spa

With its 3,000m2 set on three floors around a hundred-year-old eucalyptus that delights influencers, the Spa du Palace, created by Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal, elevates the wellness experience to unparalleled heights. Dive into a paradise of hydrotherapy (its marble peristyle is well worth a second look) with its counter-current pool, and appreciate the Oriental Thermae and its beauty, detox, energising and relaxing treatments, steam rooms, Finnish sauna, experience showers, ice fountain and six Moroccan hammams to alternate between hot and cold. Join a yoga session on the patio (in partnership with the Tigre Yoga Club, the Es Saadi also organises 4 day/3 night retreat), or step into one of the fifteen treatment booths to enjoy signature treatments from Sultane de Saba and Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie. It even has a Dior Institut, which combines ancestral rituals with innovative technologies. 

A Dior Institut to soothe mind and body 

Your journey begins as soon as you step into this haven of tranquillity. Welcomed in by the serene atmosphere, you will be enveloped with delicate aromas and the refined textures of Moroccan fabrics. The spa’s therapists, who have been trained to the highest standard in the signature Dior techniques, offer experiences tailored to each guest’s individual requirements. A real treat! 

Inspired by the characteristic elegance and innovation of Dior, the Dior Institut offers a palette of exclusive treatments designed to soothe mind and body. The Dior signature treatments combine ancestral Moroccan rituals with cutting-edge technologies, creating a unique sensory experience. The calm and soothing atmosphere invites guests to relax and recharge, making for an unforgettable break. The wide range of treatments available in the Dior Institut in the Es Saadi is as varied as it is luxurious. From regenerative massages to personalised facials, every treatment is designed to enhance each person’s natural beauty. Products from the famous Dior Prestige line are used to envelop the skin in refined ingredients, revealing its radiant beauty and silken texture. The Dior Institut in the Palace Es Saadi is the only place in Morocco to offer the Quintessence 10 signature treatment: an exceptional face and body ritual centred around ten expert techniques, a perfect alchemy of sensory delight and high-tech expertise. 

These exceptional experiences combine olfactory sensations, diagnoses using the Dior Skin Analyzer, and micro-abrasion with sapphire crystals, plus applications of the most precious Dior Prestige products and a 90-minute massage to soothe any tension in the muscles, one by one, releasing any blocked energies… The Moroccan rituals in the Dior spa are not standard treatments, but rather sensory voyages that awaken all the senses. From their exquisite textures to their captivating aromas, every element is carefully orchestrated to create total harmony, giving guests an experience that goes beyond the physical to touch the soul. 

Exceptional signature treatments

In the spa, you can choose between twelve signature Es Saadi expert massages, which are designed by physiotherapist and osteopath Gil Amsallem, such as The Blissful, Total Relaxation, Absolute Energy, Back Focus, Foot, Hand & Cranial Reflexology, Belly Massage, Slimming Massage, Extralight, Light Legs, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Affusion Shower Massage. Try the two new additions: the Arabian Nights KOBIDO Facial and the Shirodhara. The latter is a traditional ayurvedic technique that begins with a trickle of warm sesame oil onto your forehead (on the third eye, the gateway to clairvoyance) which then runs down into your hair as your head is gently rocked from side to side, and continues with a cranial massage. It offers intense relaxation, a feeling of complete serenity and letting go, to soothe the nervous system and smooth the facial features. Efficacy guaranteed! 

One of the best collections of modern artwork by Moroccan artists 

The photographs and paintings (more than 400 of them) that decorate the walls of the Es Saadi bear witness to major historical events, the rich Moroccan culture and the Palace itself. In addition to the photographs of celebrities who have made the place famous, such as Keith Richards by the pool in 1967, guests can admire both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions that showcase photographs and modern paintings. One of the most recent exhibitions pays tribute to Farid Belkahia (known worldwide for his paintings on leather) with a retrospective that starts with his first expressionist influences and ends with his death in 2014.

Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal, who perpetuates her father’s work with her collections, is a great collector and art lover, and speaks very emotionally about the artist. “Farid Belkahia was one of those people who has such a strong personality that it leaves an indelible mark. He was irresistible, driven by the strong ambition to bring the Moroccan art scene in line with the rest of the world, while preserving and showcasing the features that are specific to Moroccan culture: tradition represented the future and opened up an infinite field of artistic possibility. In the early 1970s, this approach surprised a lot of people, as art lovers of the time did not know a lot about artistic ideologies. Today, with a wealth of exceptional memories, I felt I needed to pay a personal tribute to him. Through his pieces, many of which are emblematic, chosen throughout our lifetime, beyond international recognition, I am delighted to share the vision of the man who was, for my husband and I, much more than an artist. We followed him, admired him, and he became a friend with whom we shared the values of authenticity that we have always held dear. This exhibition is a personal story of the uncompromising life of a modern artist, who managed to get Moroccan art shown and appreciated in the world’s most famous museums and in the world’s most famous collections.” Benefactor Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal and her family also support several events such as the Marrakech Art Fair, Biennale de Marrakech, Festival International du Film, Les amis de la musique de Marrakech association, Festival du Livre, etc.

Art is omnipresent in the Palace and visitors cannot fail to admire the mosaic floors and majestic doors to the suites, all of which are unique. With the assistance of interior designer Aziz Lamghari, the Bauchet-Bouhlal family has managed to create a feeling of harmony with each colour assigned to the different floors. The country’s very best master-craftsmen, the “maalems”, worked for months to create the decor in the villas and the Palace. Absolutely gorgeous! l

Adress: Avenue Quadissia, 40000, 40000,
Maroc +212 5243-37400

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