Dr Mike Amzallag

Anti-Cellulite Revolution: a new ergonomic platform that combines high-intensity focused diodes with a mechanical rolling action, vibrational waves and dermocosmetics, the most recent and innovative solution that works to improve the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity.

Cellulite is an aesthetic concern that affects 80 to 90% of women after puberty. Many patients share with their doctor their concerns about cellulite and their quest for solutions to reduce the apparence of “orange peel” skin. DELEO laboratories have worked for three years on developing a unique, latest-generation solution to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture: CELLUTION®.

Understanding cellulite:

Cellulite, or superficial lipodystrophy, is the result of an increased number and volume of adipocytes in the superficial part of the hypodermis. It is also caused by water retention due to deficient venal-lymphatic circulation and a hormone imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone, which affects capillary permeability. Peri-adipocyte fibrosis can gradually develop, giving the cellulite a hardened appearance. We can distinguish three different types of cellulite, according to different factors: oedematous, adipose and fibrous, which affect different areas such as the buttocks, thighs, belly and sometimes the upper arms. 

Anti-cellulite solutions:

Various approaches have been explored to improve the appearance of cellulite: from surgical and medical treatments such as lipolysis by liposuction, lasers or even mesotherapy, to non-invasive alternatives such as liposuction with infrared, radiofrequency or focused ultrasounds. The increasing popularity of draining massages and cosmetic creams or innovative solutions such as vibrational waves also show the increasing demand for these treatments. The advances made in the treatment of cellulite highlight the importance of a combined approach which, thanks to the synergy of several technologies, offers optimal results. 

The CELLUTION® treatment: 

Completely non-invasive, CELLUTION® incorporates four cutting-edge technologies: first of all, we use the patented high-intensity focused diodes (HIFD™) coupled with modular suction and dermocosmetics, and then we apply vibrational waves. 

These four synergic actions, in one treatment, offer a holistic approach to act against the different types of cellulite. 

The emitted 940nm HIFD™ rays allow us to heat up the skin to 42°C. On the one hand, this controlled heat acts upon the hypodermis, leading to lipolysis and the dissociation of oxygen from oxyhaemoglobin, which promotes its diffusion into the adipocytes and targets adipose cellulite. On the other hand, the heat acts in the dermis, stimulating neocollagenesis and firming up the skin. Afterwards, the massage – which uses negative pressure that goes from 0 to 270 mbar – represents the mechanical stage, which improves blood flow to the adipose tissue, destroys the fibrous membranes that have become hardened by glycation, and helps eliminate fat degradation components. This stage of the CELLUTION® treatment improves fibrous cellulite. 

In parallel, the active-rich Smooth Enhancer™ oil penetrates deep into the dermis thanks to the vasodilating effect created by the HIFD™ technology. The active ingredients used – namely rock samphire and red seaweed, which have anticellulite, regenerative and hydrating properties – target the cells of the dermis and hypodermis through the open pores, and increase the exchanges created by the thermal action. Finally, the specially-calibrated radial vibrational waves, with a frequency of 0 to 22HZ, lead to mechanical stress converted into cellular stimuli, which stimulate the production of growth factors, neocollagenesis and new elastin. This leads to an improvement in the skin’s appearance, elasticity and firmness. Moreover, these vibrations boost circulation, reduce water retention and promote lymphatic drainage, which makes them effective for treating aqueous cellulite.

The results achieved with CELLUTION®: 

This innovative solution is effective for visibly improving the appearance of cellulite and the skin quality by reducing the dimpled effect and improving the skin laxity often associated with cellulite. As a doctor, I noticed with interest the promising results offered by this machine on its first patients, whose cellulite severity score (CSS) was significantly improved, along with a reduction in the circumference of the treated areas and a 80% satisfaction rate among patients. A study is currently being carried out on a larger sample of patients to confirm these results. This non-surgical alternative offers a comprehensive treatment for cellulite thanks to the combination of high-intensity focused diodes (HIFD™), mechanical massage, dermocosmetics and vibrational waves.

This solution represents new hope in aesthetic medicine for reducing the appearance of cellulite in an effective, long-lasting and non-invasive way, to boost the confidence of people who are affected by this skin condition.

Dr Mike Amzallag: a specialist in lasers and morphological aesthetic treatments, is the medical director and founder of the Centre du Champ de Mars group. He has performed over 40,000 aesthetic medicine procedures to date and is well known for his moral code and his expertise, as well as for training doctors.

More informations: centre-du-champ-de-mars.paris


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