by Dr Eric Essayagh

Fasting has been known and recognised for its beneficial effects on health. However, it must be done with care because without medical control it can also be dangerous for the body. This is how the Fast Mimicking Diet programme was created, to benefit from the advantages of fasting without the risks. 

What is a Fast Mimicking Diet?

A Fast Mimicking Diet for 5 days puts the body in a fasting state and thus triggers the mechanisms of autophagy, ketosis and cell renewal. The organism is regenerated for long-term well-being and better health. Assisted fasting created by Professor Valter Longo, consits of snacks and drinks, clinically formulated in a laboratory, whose benefits on health and longevity have been proven by numerous scientific studies.

How does it work in practice?

Within the framework of Fast Mimicking Diet, the metabolism is accompanied for 5 days in a process of metabolic regeneration. This means that the caloric and nutritional intake contained in the meal kit’s, snacks and drinks will gradually, and without stress, guide your body into a fasting state, which will trigger a fat-burning mechanism – ketosis. This autophagy is the key. Because once the body is free of damaged cells and unnessary fat, it can then focus its energy on the creation of new cells. 

What are the short and medium term benefits?

Fast Mimicking Diet provides the body with all essential macro and micro nutrients that have been scientifically proven to pro-vide the body with optimal nutrition to prevent deficiencies, but without activating the mechanisms of the main pathways of the aging process (IGF-1, growth hormone, …) Nutrition is a key element in natural beauty, as it partly determines the quality of skin, hair – defines a silhouette. Assisted fasting also has emotional and physiological benefits; your energy and your concen-tration are boosted. It’s a bit like doing a reset of your body. In resume, ProLon® is a new nutritional strategy to regenerate and rejuvenate the body, fight diseases and live longer and healthier.

How to choose your assisted fasting programme?

When choosing a Fast Mimicking Diet programme, it is very important to look if clinical studies have been done on it to avoid any risk. The Fast Mimicking Diet ProLon® is based on the scientific work of Prof. Valter Longo, a prominent gerontologist specialising in cell biology and genetics, who is dedicated to his career in the study of youth through nutrition – called juventology. He is recognised for his work on therapeutic fasting, and is the author of the book The Longevity Diet. More than a trend, this nutritional program aims to wake up the body’s asleep capacity to self-heal by activating stem cells and optimising metabolic health. The ProLon® kit is 100% organic, 100% lactose-free and 100% gluten-free. ProLon® is an advance in the health nutrition research, and a support for all anti-aging actions. 

Dr Eric Essayagh : Inter-university graduate in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine. Teacher in the DIU of Morphological and Anti- Aging Medicine since 2007. Founding member of the French Society of Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine (SOFMMAA), Member of the Azure Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Medicine and Surgery (SAMCEP), President of the Association of Aesthetics Doctors of the French Riviera (AMECA).

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