After opening its first centre in Livry-Gargan, the Clinique du Grand Paris decided to welcome its Parisian patients on the prestigious Avenue d’Iéna, right by the Arc de Triomphe. Though the Clinique du Grand Parisoffers a range of treatments – aesthetic surgery and medicine, slimming and bariatric surgery with Allurion balloons, ethnic rhinoplasty, BBL, HD liposuction, abdominoplasty, lifts, laser hair removal and tattoo removal – it really stands out thanks to its undeniable expertise in haircare. A veritable hair transplantation centre, its hair specialists offer the Turkish ‘Saphir’ technique, which is relatively unheard-of in France, hair transplants for men and women, and PRP injections to redensify the scalp.

David Benaïm explains, “We offer our patients comprehensive treatments for the hair and scalp. It is not enough just to recommend a hair transplant, rather we need to re-educate them and then monitor them to potentiate the results of the grafts and finally suggest suitable haircare products for their particular issues. We have someone who specialises in scalp pathologies who can advise patients about grafts and which kind of PRP or PRF injections might be suitable.” 


The former is an event professional and businessman. Seven years ago, with his business partner and long-time friend, he decided to open up a centre in Seine-Saint-Denis, where they had both lived, with the idea of offering patients who live outside Paris city centre the same level of care as they could get in Paris itself. After putting together a team made up of French and Turkish hair graft specialists, which gave the centre a real boost, the two associates opened their second centre in Paris. Their expertise includes high-tech treatments such as the FUE Saphir technique, which is fairly rare in France but offers fast treatment (3,000 grafts in 6 hours) and substantial savings for patients. “The Saphir technique uses a V-shaped blade that opens up channels in the direction of the hair growth to shape the patient’s future hair pattern, then the grafts are implanted afterwards. It can be completed with platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) via mesotherapy or with micro-grafts using the Rigenera method,” says David Benaïm.


Though the clinic offers skincare treatments, filler injections, breast surgery and blepharoplasty, Dr Choukroun prefers to recommend minimally-invasive or non-invasive treatments wherever possible. He believes it is best to, “Carry out surgery at the right time, neither too early nor too late. Fighting the signs of aging is outdated! What I am interested in today is the patient as a whole, highlighting their lovely skin, their charisma…rather than erasing their wrinkles! An overdone face looks too obvious, a bit like those women who try so hard to be irresistible by showing off their cleavage, wearing high heels, loads of foundation, mascara, lipstick, and who end up getting it all wrong. Less is more! In everything. You can be beautiful at any age thanks to the French Touch!” 

Their palette of non-invasive treatments is proving hugely popular. For a “needle-free glow”, the clinic offers the Hydrafacial treatment, which gently smooths the skin and boosts hydration for the long-term, or Skinboosters, which involve injecting small quantities of hyaluronic acid into the dermis for a lifting effect that goes hand in hand with a more radiant complexion, reduced wrinkles and a fresh-faced glow. They also offer lymphatic drainage using Endospheres Therapy, which we often talk about, and mesotherapy for a shot of vitamins and revitalising actives.


“Whether we recommend PRP or not depends on the patient’s initial stage of hair loss. In the case of very advanced alopecia, PRP is ineffective. It is only effective on recent hair loss or to stabilise a patient’s hair loss. But PRP alone is not enough. It should be coupled with complementary products such as a suitable shampoo, a food supplement, a serum and regular top-up injections of PRP. This treatment slows down hair loss, and fortifi es and increases the density of the hairs. It can be used on its own or after a hair transplant to speed up healing and regrowth. The procedure involves taking some of the patient’s blood, which is then put through a centrifuge to collect its PRP, which is put into a mesotherapy gun. We then make micro-holes to inject the right quantity of product to the right depth. The idea is to perform nappage across the whole area affected by androgenetic alopecia. Three sessions are carried out, spaced a month apart.” Carrying out the treatments is Dr Franck Dahan, who has been passionate about hair since he was 14. “One of the special features of the Clinique du Grand Paris is that at the end of the treatment, we add a session of LEDs, which helps the product to spread and speeds up the healing process. For me, PRP increases the hair density and diameter and makes the hair softer and easier to style.” 

CLINIQUE DU GRAND PARIS, 135 Av. Vauban, 93190 Livry-Gargan et 37A avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris cliniquedugrandparis.com 

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