Original and exclusive cures!

There may not be any marketing in the Richelieu thalassotherapy centre, but there are plenty of original and exclusive cures, such as the “Cure Thalasso Meditation”, the “Cure Thalasso Renaissance”, and the “Cure Thalasso Ayurvedic Discovery”, which all follow ageold oriental spiritual traditions. Very fashionable nowadays, meditation is an important part of the journey to health. According to its creators, meditation is not an exotic practice, but rather a method designed to put a stop to our sufferance (fear of hurting people, a feeling of helplessness, etc.). Open to all, the Thalasso Meditation cure has been designed in pure Tibetan tradition with the Six Yogas of Naropa and is led by Djigme Rigzin Dorje, a Master of the Kagyupa School. She runs 12 meditation preparation workshops, 5 silence practices and 8 thalassotherapy treatments: everything you need relax while revelling in the hotel’s Western comforts.


44 avenue de la Plage, 17630 La Flotte, Ile de Ré

Tel : +33 (0)5 46 09 60 70


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