Objective: “Better Sleep”

Here, the new addition for 2018 revolves around sleep. Still centred around Thalazur’s stress-busting expertise, the experts wanted to maintain the guests’ feeling of plenitude even at night. They dreamt up an package made up of 9 treatments plus a health appointment with a doctor. The “Better Sleep” package is particularly well designed, as guests practise acupressure and oral relaxation techniques in carefully thought-out sensorial environments. They also enjoy a Californian massage followed by an Indian Shirotchampi massage (shirot for head and champi for massage). This ancestral treatment eliminates stress by working on the head, shoulders and neck using pressure and circular movements to alternate between relaxation and stimulation. Finally, they take part in two group mind and body workshops: a breathing workshop to help them fall asleep and a “five Tibetans” workshop for a veritable spiritual voyage. Yoga breathing will regulates the vital energy in all the chakras. The aim: better sleep, more longevity!


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