By the doctor Claude Chauchard

Healthy skin is smooth, supple and free from lesions.


Back when I was a student of medicine, I had one obsession: for my skin to be healthy and free from spots. And when I became a doctor specialising in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, I realised that all of my patients had the very same desire: to have beautiful, younger-looking skin!

Beautiful, healthy skin is smooth, supple, free from lesions and with an even complexion that shows the body is healthy on the inside.
A nice smooth surface means free from spots, acne, patches of psoriasis or eczema. Supple skin is nice and firm and has no wrinkles. Finally, a healthy complexion means the skin has a pinkish hue and looks radiant with health, is nourished by a healthy diet, and has balanced hormone levels and skin microbiota.

Microbiota: bacteria that protect our skin.

The microbiota is a set of non-pathogenic bacteria or micro-organisms that protect our skin. This microbiota exists mainly in the intestine, and it contains ten times more organisms than there are cells in the human body, as many as 1014!

We also have microbiota in our skin, vagina and lungs, and it both protects and beautifies.

Nowadays, we know that the microbiota in our skin and intestine is responsible for skin radiance. An absence of pathogenic germs already eliminates the presence of acne spots, which are dreaded by all women, and well before wrinkles set in. Though we are more accepting of wrinkles than before, we can still delay their appearance. Not only by following a healthy diet, but by ensuring our hormones are balanced and by taking the right supplements: probiotics and essential vitamins for the skin, in particular vitamin A but also vitamin PP and even the B vitamins, plus vitamin C which is essential for skin elasticity. In my prescriptions, I also add hemp oil and organic psyllium.

Before resorting to botulinum toxin or filler injections, we must keep focusing on the microbiota in our skin and intestine, which conditions and beautifies our skin. A rosy and radiant complexion proves that our skin and intestinal microbiota are balanced.
The intestinal microbiota is made up of so-called dominant species such as Clostridium Eubacterium and Bifidobacterium, which are bacteria that help the skin stay healthy. They help keep the intestine healthy and prevent constipation.
This intestinal flora protects us from pathogenic bacteria and releases mucous to protect our intestinal cells.

Our emunctory system helps eliminate toxins.

For my part, I think that most skin issues can be solved by a healthy intestine and an absence of food intolerances.
Our skin is part of our emunctory system and is therefore involved in the fight to eliminate toxins. This elimination gene- rates illnesses such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. It causes spots to appear on the face, of course, but also on other parts of the body, in particular the back. Diet is important for avoiding these problems. The first step is excluding the foods that cause intolerances, such as gluten, dairy, peanuts, etc.
We are what we eat, in a way. Eating fruit, vegetables, meat – though not in excess – and fish combined with the right herbs and spices can help us achieve radiant skin.


  • By boosting our microbiota internally with a healthy, non-inflammatory diet
  • By reducing our intake of sugar, pastries, sweets, carbohydrates
  • By regularly consuming good fats and good proteins

This is the first cornerstone for healthy gut and skin microbiota.
But a healthy diet is not always enough, and we often have to help the body by choosing the right supplements, in particular probiotics, multivitamins and minerals. I always combine these with hemp oil, which is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, and is a wonderful oil that balances out the microbiota and beautifies the skin.

I also add organic Indian psyllium to my prescriptions. Its high fibre content helps water to be reabsorbed into the digestive tract, making a faecal bolus that is easy to pass, and it also helps eliminate intestinal bacteria from our intestine. The skin must be maintained from the inside, as well as from the outside. Everybody knows what healthy skin looks like, but people rarely know the role that the microbiota plays in beautifying our skin every day.


By the doctor Claude Chauchard
A renowned specialist in nutrition, weight control and medicine for preventing aging. More than a million copies of 14 books sold in more than 5 languages. Founder of the Anti-Aging clinic concept La Clinique De Paris, established in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea since 1992. Assistant professor at the universities of SEOUL and PEKING. Creator of the online Chrono Géno Nutrition method.

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