By Doctor François Prunièras

The nasolabial folds go from the area next to the wing of the nose down to the corner of the lip. These folds appear as we age, following fat ptosis.


The presence of nasolabial folds, when they gradually become more marked, is a very frequent cause for complaint because they make the face look sad. Our job is to give the face a boost of radiance with hyaluronic acid injections. But the approach must be comprehensive and should not address the nasolabial folds alone.

Currently, after analysing the face, we treat the top of the face and the cheeks before tackling the nasolabial folds, to rejuvenate the face as a whole. In practice, we start the treatment plan by injecting hyaluronic acid with a needle deep into the skin, right to the bone, into the area between the zygomatic arch and the malar bone (i.e. the cheekbone). We use a volumising product for this. This fi rst step should be almost systematic.

In the same session, if necessary, we then pull up the cheek with rows of injections performed using a cannula. For this, we use a moderately volumising product that is injected less deeply. It is only then, also in the same session, that we can begin to address the nasolabial folds, to complement the effects of the two previous procedures.

Traditionally, there are two injection methods for this procedure: one method that uses a needle and one method that uses a mousse-tipped cannula. Injecting with a cannula is my preferred approach because it drastically reduces the risk, which is nevertheless very rare, of injecting hyaluronic acid into the facial artery. Whatever technique is chosen, we use a moderately volumising product because we are not injecting very deeply.

The effect is immediate: the face looks younger and more radiant, even though we have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to see the optimum results. The after-effects are usually mild and require no downtime.

Doctor François Prunièras

Dr François Prunièras performs only aesthetic medicine and medical laser treatments. Qualifications: International College of Aesthetic Medicine, European Medical Lasers, Aesthetic Dermatology Procedures, Filler and Injection Techniques in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, and finally Filler and Injection Techniques in Maxillofacial Surgery. Practice in Chaville.

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