Dr Nelly Gauthier

Interview by ANTI-AGE Magazine 

ANTI-AGE Magazine: Dr Gauthier, you are a well-known aesthetic medicine expert. Have you seen any changes in aesthetic trends since the Covid crisis?

Dr Nelly Gauthier: Both the patients and doctors have become more demanding and more “calculating”. In the post-Covid era, people worry a lot more about their finances, and their priorities in terms of spending are changing. A quest for “wellbeing” is still at the top of the list. In order to fulfill this increased need, aesthetic medicine and surgery must be well-done as well as affordable.

AAM: Has this altered your choices in terms of injectables and, if so, which ones and what are your criteria?

Dr NG: For me, the quality and safety of injectable products are non-negotiable: I would rather do nothing to a face rather than give debateable results at a low cost. In the current economic crisis, the challenge is to offer patients the highest quality treatments possible, which cause as little damage as possible, last as long as possible, and all for an affordable price.

AAM: Have you had the opportunity to use the Relife products from the Menarini group?

Dr NG: As an expert in this field, I am often given hyaluronic acids to test and asked for my opinion. When the Menarini group gave me the opportunity to test its range of hyaluronic acids, I was pleasantly surprised by their quality, as some were better quality than the products I usually used. I gave the laboratory positive feedback and, out of curiosity, asked how much the products cost. I was not expecting them to be so reasonably-priced. I use them more and more now, and my patients are very happy.

AAM: What are the most important criteria for you when choosing a product?

Dr NG: I look for monophasic hyaluronic acids so that they integrate well into the tissues, manufactured by a pharmaceutical laboratory with strict production regulations, that last over time and can adapt to the different layers into which I inject them. Finally, I want to have a good relationship with the people working for the laboratory, for them to act quickly and not use aggressive marketing tactics.

AAM: What does aesthetic medicine “Made in Italy” mean to you?

Dr NG: I would go one step further than “Made in Italy” and would say “Made in Florence”, which is where the headquar-ters of the Menarini group are based. For me, this means: beauty, sensitivity, charm and sophistication, which means that it looks very natural. 

Dr nelly Gauthier: A graduate of the Institute of Stomatology, Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery at Paris medical faculty, Dr Nelly Gauthier has her own aesthetic medicine practice in Paris, where she specialises in non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and neck.

More informations: docteurgauthier.fr 

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