By Dr. Frederic Braccini

An aesthetic concept to correct shadows and reflect light with just the right amount of product.

Basing his work on the methods used by photographers to analyse and highlight the face, Dr Frédéric Braccini offers his patients a subtle procedure that plays with the face’s shadow and light.

The 2.4 Full Face approach offers natural-looking yet noticeable aesthetic results by using just the right amount of product in just the right place, in order to optimise value for money.

The 2.4 approach is born from the “less is more” concept, which was published in the Laryngologie review in 2017.

Optimized and cost-effective correction that requires two syringes of hyaluronic acid

2.4 comes from the realisation that, in my personal practice, I use an average of 2 syringes of product to treat a face: 1 syringe of ART FILLER® Universal and 1 syringe of ART FILLER® Volume from FillMed Laboratories (formerly Filorga). Each syringe contains 1.2ml of hyaluronic acid, which is where the 2.4 concept comes from.

I use these products because they contain 1.2ml of HA and not 1ml like other products.

This additional quantity of product makes a huge difference. Furthermore, ART FILLER® Universal and ART FILLER® Volume have optimum volumizing properties to project the tissues with very little product, which makes this approach possible. It goes without saying that the 2.4 Full Face involves adapting the quantity of product to suit each patient. This means that the quantities might vary from one patient to the next.

Correcting the shadows and indentations that cause negative vertical expressions

We correct the triangular areas of shadow, which are visible both at rest and when the face is moving. They generate negative expressions, positioned on what I call the “vertical bands”, made up of the tear trough, the upper part of the nasolabial fold, the expression lines and the chin indentation.

I use ART FILLER® Universal because it is a medium cross-linked filler gel that is easy to mould.

Projecting the areas of light to enhance the face’s beauty

We project the areas that catch the light, taking inspiration from the highlighting techniques used by make-up artists. By restoring the volume of the cheeks, accentuating the projection of the cheekbones and improving the definition of the angle of the mandible, we are able to restore the areas of the face that catch the light. The beautifying effect is immediate and requires little product, as the injections are carried out in areas with little subcutaneous space.

This stage is not necessary for all patients, and will sometimes be just enough for young patients who want to enhance their existing look.

I use ART FILLER® Volume, a firm and projecting gel that corrects with very little product.

Doctor Frederic Braccini 

Surgeon of the face and neck. Chairman of SAMCEP, Nice.

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