Aesthetic Medicine

Wonderful skin

By Doctor Sabine Zenker Everyone dreams of having firm, flawless, glowing skin and a radiant complexion free from wrinkles, lines and other flaws such as broken vessels or pigmentary changes. But real life is different. Our skin is prone to irregularities, stubborn breakouts and imperfections. It often has a dull […]

Lyra, Dental restoration in just one session

The Lyra solution enables a dentist to take a digital impression of the patient’s teeth, model a restoration in 3D, mill the restoration on the spot (or patients have the option of outsourcing the design and manufacture of the restoration if they prefer) and fit the restoration in just one […]


ORTHOPULSE: Light Accelerated Smiles TM Orthopulse uses photobiomodulation (low levels of light energy that stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth) to gently facilitate orthodontic tooth movement at home in just 10 minutes per day. This type of treatment helps to prevent oral health problems such as decalcification […]

Treating Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma

By doctor Patrick Treacy A 23yo Siberian female patient presented with a changing lesion on her abdomen. The patient stated the lesion was present for about two years and it started off from within a freckle, which started to grow larger and somewhat darken in appearance. It had the clinical […]